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Whether you’re tackling a full-scale home renovation project or just planning one or two small updates around the house, we’ve come up with a few home renovation ideas that don’t cost an arm and a leg. For more tried and tested renovation ideas, download our useful handbook, packed to the brim with home renovation ideas, tips and advice.

1. Install energy efficient windows.

Energy efficient windows are a great eco-friendly addition to your home. Because they help insulate your house – keeping it warmer in winter and cooler in summer – energy efficient windows can dramatically reduce your heating bill, saving you thousands of Rands in the long run. Energy efficient, eco-friendly windows won’t only save you money; they’re a big selling point too, making your home more attractive to potential buyers.

Energy efficient windows are cost-effective and easy to install. Transform your existing windows into energy-saving ones by installing frosted window vinyl decals. The vinyl layer slows the transfer of heat through your glass – and looks timelessly elegant too.

2. Give old furniture a new lease on life with a lick of paint.

With just a little bit of elbow grease, you can use sandpaper to remove old layers of paint or varnish from your furniture, preparing the wood beneath for the new treatment. If you’re working on something like a big dining room table, use a hand sander or sandpaper block. For smaller pieces – or any intricate, tricky areas – just use a piece of sandpaper and work by hand.

For a smooth finish, it’s a good idea to apply a primer coat before slapping on the new coat of paint. If you’re after a weathered, distressed look, however, you could choose to skip the primer.

A simple coat of paint can really bring an old piece of furniture up to date with your modern décor scheme. If the piece is an antique, however, it would be a shame to paint over the original wood finish. A good compromise – and a good look – is to repaint the legs and sides of a bedside table while leaving the top in its original colour and finish.

3. Don’t change your whole bedroom – just change your bedding.

Budget décor and renovation ideas are often just a case of implementing small changes that have a big impact. For example, new bedding really can transform the whole look of your bedroom. Investing in some new linen, scatter cushions, throws and lampshades can transform the space entirely. Similarly, instead of pulling out and replacing your entire wardrobe, consider just getting new doors made.

4. Opt for frosted window vinyl instead of glass sandblasting.

Modern renovation ideas commonly have a strong focus on incorporating more glass into your home’s new design and décor scheme. While the benefits of glass are many – from its chic, modern look to a home filled with natural light – glass does have some drawbacks. One of the most common challenges associated with big windows, glass doors and glass walls is the resultant lack of privacy. Frosted glass, however, provides homeowners with a level of privacy without forfeiting the benefits of natural light.

Traditionally, frosted glass was achieved through glass sandblasting. Frosted window vinyl is a modern, more affordable alternative to traditional glass sandblasting. Apart from the attractive price, vinyl frosting comes with a host of benefits and eliminates the drawbacks commonly associated with glass sandblasting.

For example, sandblasting tends to go transparent when wet. For bathroom windows and shower doors, this is unacceptable. In addition, the sandblasting process results in microscopic pores on the glass surface, which are notorious for picking up hard-to-remove greasy marks and fingerprints.

In contrast, frosted window vinyl is grease and dirt resistant, easy to clean and won’t go transparent when wet. Frosted vinyl also blocks out dangerous UV rays, insulates your windows and makes them shatterproof.

5. Hang more mirrors around the house.

If you want to give the impression of spaciousness without smashing down any walls, a few large, elegant mirrors can work wonders. Many people don’t realise that mirrors can make a room appear larger even when they are hung above eye-level – especially if you place two mirrors on opposite walls. Because mirrors reflect light, they can also turn a dark, gloomy room into a bright, cheerful space.

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