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You may only spend a short time in a hotel, but the general appearance will affect your mood and overall holiday experience. Hotel design needs to leave a lasting impression, so that holidaymakers associate a great holiday experience with the hotel they stayed at. Here are five hotel design trends to keep in mind when planning to refurbish your hotel design.

The importance of personalisation

There has been a shift in hotel design functionality throughout the years. Hotels are no longer simply a place to sleep while you’re away. Staying at a hotel has become a travel destination in itself. When guests walk into their room they want to be pleasantly surprised with a room that is fresh. At the same time guests want to feel instantly comfortable and have a “home away from home” feeling. In striking that balance furniture, decor and interior design must harmonize.

The Protea Hotel Techno Park in Cape Town has the right idea. Have a look at their stunning interior design:

Comfort over style

Hotel design is steadily moving away from relying solely on the visual aspect. The design of a room stimulate emotion and feeling. As depicted in our kitchen design trends blog, a big theme this year is opting for comfort over style. The same can be said for hotel interiors, as furniture is not only designed to look luxurious, but feel amazing too.

Technology might shape hotel design

As more hotels embrace technological advancement they can enjoy the benefits that come along with it, such as being able to check-in online. But what does technology have to do with hotel design? Well according Hotelier, “3D printing technology will give way to unimaginable hotel design possibilities from casegoods, upholstery, and electronics.” Believe it or not, a hotel suite in the Philippians was built using a 3D concrete printer.

Pay closer attention to your textures

Hotel design is no longer made up of the busy patterns and bright colour schemes seen in vintage hotel design trends. According to Excella Worldwide, a procurement specialist company in the Hospitality industry, “modern hotels lay greater emphasis on textures and colors for furniture and design elements, to create a visual and tactile treat for guests.”

A greater focus on sustainability

With people’s increased desire to reduce their carbon footprints, the hotel industry is putting a focus on sustainability. Some hotels are implementing automatic shut off lights when no-one is in a room, and incorporating other sustainable practices such as using more natural lighting and greener building materials. There are a number of ways a hotel can go green. The Hotel Verde in Cape Town, Africa’s greenest hotel, encourages guests to be greener by giving discounts to those who don’t use the aircon, or recycle more. They also make use of greywater to flush toilets, the artworks displayed in the hotel are made from recycled materials and they double glaze their windows for extra heat retention and noise reduction.

For added comfort, privacy, heat reduction in summer and heat insulation in winter try our vinyl decals for an elegant touch to your hotel windows. With a wide range of designs and patterns to choose from, we can install vinyl decals to suit any hotel aesthetic. Download our window frosting guide for more information.

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