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If you’re thinking about renovating your bathroom, you’ve probably got the big buys in mind, like a new tub and sink or a complete re-tile. But why not think outside the box? Focussing on your windows is a great way to give your bathroom a whole new look and feel. Here are our five practical bathroom window ideas and designs to consider when you end up breaking down the walls in your bathroom.

Use the double view effect

All you have to do is install a large mirror to achieve this effect. According to Better Homes, a corner window and a large mirror will work together to expand the view in your bathroom, making it appear bigger and increasing the amount of natural light reflecting in the room. To create an obscured view, hang a mirror directly in front of a bathroom window. According to Better Homes this will increase “privacy and diffuses the amount of light streaming into the bathroom.”

Make use of a transom window

A transom window is positioned above the frame of a door, hence the name. This window design is perfect for the bathroom, because it allows light to seep in from above without the worry of prying eyes peeping through. It will also ensure you are nice and snug in the bathroom, by trapping in air, unless you opt for transom window that opens to allow steam to escape, however this is more suited for a spa. It’s the perfect feature window for any bathroom breaking up the space elegantly and adding to the overall ambiance of the room.

Keep bathroom skylight on your bathroom window ideas list

According to Homedit, “if you want a bathroom that is flooded with natural light, go for a skylight.” A skylight will open up the room to the outside and bring in light like no other window. If you can’t decide where to put it in, the best place is just above your tub or just next to it. Try not to go overboard and find yourself in a situation where the skylight dominates the entire room. Make it a subtle decor element.

Make use of a corner window

Use a corner window in your bathroom to create a 3-D effect. If you are worried about privacy place your corner windows high and pair this feature with a glass-partition shower door. Or place your corner window right by the tub and use window film to block out unwanted attention, without blocking natural light. You can consider different types of window designs to use as a corner window such as weathershield wood or bay windows.

Try a single-hung window

Single-hung windows only open at the bottom, from up or down, and the top panel is fixed. You can incorporate this design above your sink and easily open up the window when you need a breath of fresh air. Fusing this window design will give your bathroom a more classic look.

We have a few bathroom window ideas of our own. The bathroom is a great room to incorporate  our vinyl decals because they are heat and moisture-proof. From vinyl decals on bathroom mirrors, shower glass doors, or windows, we have hundreds of designs to choose from, or we could create a custom design to suit your bathroom. Download our home renovations guide for more bathroom window ideas when choosing the perfect design for your bathroom.

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