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Relationships are hard. There’s nothing worse than when your give your heart and soul for someone, but they don’t return the favour. It’s the same when you’re dealing with blinds and curtains. And in this case it’s not you, it’s them. Are they more of a burden than a saving grace? Then it’s time to get rid of them. If you are still clinging onto the hope that thing could work out between you, then let’s run through the cons of staying in this unhealthy relationship.

We dig deeper into the cons of having blinds and curtains in your home so you don’t have to:

Curtains are too clingy

  • Curtains like to steal your room’s thunder, because they make any room look instantly smaller. We spoke about interior design blunders in a previous blog and this is definitely one of them.
  • Having curtains in your kitchen or bathroom, leaves them more susceptible to mould and collecting nasty stains.
  • Drapey curtains can be a bit of a nuisance if you have playful children who cannot resist hiding behind them. They are great for hide-and-seek, but cleaning them can get annoying for parents.
  • Animal fur sticks to curtains, making them a high-maintenance window treatment.
  • Curtains rarely fit perfectly over windowpanes, leaving your room with poor light exposure.

Blinds are too problematic

  • One of the significant drawbacks to blinds is that they are fairly expensive, particularly if they incorporate complex mechanisms.
  • Some blinds, especially ones with non-fabric materials are extremely difficult to clean.
  • Wood or aluminum blinds could get damaged when exposed to water.
  • Individual aluminum slats break easily.
  • Blinds don’t retain heat in winter and cold in summer very well.
  • They need to be cleaned regularly, or else you will have a large amount of dust accumulation on your hands.
  • If the wires get mixed up, they are almost impossible to get back to their original form.  Making them another high-maintenance product, and who has time for that?

Why you should be attracted to frosted glass instead

Can blinds and curtains do all of this?

  • You can get creative with custom designs that perfectly fit your windows or glass doors.
  • Zero maintenance needed.
  • Frosted glass is heat and moisture proof, making it easy to clean and well insulated.
  • We have a guarantee of 10 years, but our designs are easy to change so you can play around with different themes every few years.
  • Window film protects your furniture by filtering 95% of harmful UV rays, while letting in natural light.
  • Window film offers a great compromise between the views you want to enjoy and the areas you want to shield from prying eyes.
  • Window film offers protection from vandalism, as the added film renders the glass shatter proof – giving you not only a beautiful contemporary look, but extra security as well.

If you’re interested in improving the relationship with your windows and no longer want to see any more blinds and curtains in your house, then contact us today and download our product brochure, we’ll show you a whole new world.

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