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Perhaps you live in an apartment building and are craving a luscious back yard, or you simply love nature, whatever your reason for stopping over, you’ll be glad that you did. Bringing the outside in is an interior design trend that’s kicking up a storm. To ensure that you don’t get lost in the jungle, here’s our guide to pulling it off.

How to bring your garden inside

Be warned this interior design idea is not for the faint of heart. It takes dedication, patience and an unwavering heart. Bringing your garden inside means you’ll have to do just that by using a green wall, otherwise known as a living wall or vertical garden.

Restaurants are no strangers to this concept and reap the benefits of their customers being entranced by it. A green wall is either partially or completely covered in plants that are planted in soil on a wall. Check out our previous blog about Earthships and how they make use of a greenhouse inside.

Artists and designers are also taking full advantage of this trend by using moss wherever they can. The Secret Garden collection exhibits the likes of moss coated coffee tables, living moss sculptures, a moss bath mat and carpet. These are among the innovative ways to bring nature indoors.

Plants are at home in your bathroom

Putting plants in your bathroom is great, because thanks to the steam emitted after every bath, your plants practically water themselves.

Even placing pot plants of different shapes and sizes on the floor in a line is gutsy enough to work. Find any spot in the house, be it on a shelf or home office desk, go crazy with your decorating (as long as your house doesn’t end up looking like Poison Ivy’s lab).

Get creative with your interior design

A fun way to bring the outside in and to reduce, reuse and recycle is to create your very own little world, in the form of a light bulb terrarium. Make as many as you like and scatter these babies all over. Perhaps the easier version is to make the traditional terrarium in any jar container you can reuse.

Hook plant hangers off your kitchen window sill. And for your bathroom, create and hang a mason jar sconce that can house a bunch of flowers that are always readily replaceable. This way you can ensure your bathroom always has some beautiful blooms – now that’s what you call flower power.

No that scrap wood isn’t for the fireplace

You can create your own coffee table using any wood you can get your hands on, use branches as legs and place a glass top over this bass. Side tables that use cork as a base are popping up in shops all over, so you don’t have drink a tonne of wine to collect your cork material. But, if you’re drinking wine anyway, this might be an option for the corks that you would otherwise discard. And to make the outside in look work successfully, try and bring as many untouched, natural wood furnishings into your home as possible.

Vinyl art can create a natural interior design setting in your home.

Vinyl art offers a fantastic opportunity to bring the outside in trend into your home effortlessly. Whether it’s providing a backdrop of the Sahara Desert, a bamboo forest, reeds or a peach tree. The possibilities are only as limiting as your imagination so get in touch with us today.

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