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If you’re a sandblasting fanatic you may want to look away now, because it is about to be knocked down from its high horse. Glass sandblasting has a certain place in the world, such as etching on glass bowl and wine glasses, which should be considered a form of art in itself. Its effect on glass can be quite stunning, but glass sandblasting is far from perfect. Let’s go through why sandblasting in the office is overrated, shall we?

Be prepared to lose a lot of work time

Glass sandblasting in the office is probably not a good idea because the blasting process is messy and noisy. Construction noise in the office can be extremely distracting and inconvenient for employees. Good luck if you’ve scheduled an important meeting on the same day, because there will be a lot of unnecessary shouting. The noise a sandblaster makes can be compared to that of a running generator. It’ll be a miracle if anyone gets any work done.

You can’t supervise if the work isn’t done in your office

Your next bet is to go ahead with the glass sandblasting job off-site, which will leave you a nervous wreck. As the job is being done on separate premises, you’re left worrying about the progress being made, its completion and whether or not they are doing a good job. The bottom line is – you can’t supervise. You can, however, take the day off and go inspect the work yourself, just to ease your conscience.

Glass sandblasting is not an environmentally-friendly option

The dust that emanates from the sandblasting process could contaminate the area or you may possibly inhale dust particles that could cause the lung disease silicosis. Although there are some who try to implement alternative options, there is no way of knowing what type of sand they are using unless you’re an expert. As unfortunate as it is, but people have actually died while on the job. Choosing not to use glass sandblasting could actually save lives.

A sandblasted window is a lifetime commitment

After you’ve used sandblasting on your windows or glass room dividers, changing it could become a hassle if you grow tired of it after a few years. Sandblasting, hence the name, requires the user to blast through the glass, therefore permanently etching on the window. If you want to go back to a plain effect, you will have to completely remove the window to do so.

Sandblasted windows could disrupt your office’s lighting Feng Shui

Revisit our previous blog post on office design, which describes how employee productivity is reliant on proper lighting, and glass sandblasting streams in an almost non-existent amount of natural light. This is a recipe for disaster in your office.

Rethink your window office design with these sandblasting alternatives

Using window film as a sandblasting alternative ensures that you have complete access to supervise the installation process, which is quiet and will not disrupt anyone in the office, the application is quick and painless for all. Window film is the best option when searching for sandblasting alternatives because of its environmentally friendly properties of filtering out harmful UV rays and it doesn’t contaminate or add anything harmful to the environment.

If you get tired of your vinyl decals, it’s as easy as peeling off a sticker to get rid of them, without leaving any unwanted residue. Take a quick peek at our corporate guide to find out more about our corporate window film solutions to use in your office.

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