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Corporate window film is the most malleable of products to use in your office space. It can be specifically designed to meet all your style, privacy and security needs.

Here are five ways in which you can improve your office space by using corporate window film.

1.    Corporate window film will help you save electricity.

Maintaining an optimum room temperature in your office often requires the use of temperature control devices such as air conditioners and heaters. Corporate window film has insulating properties that will thwart the need for energy consuming appliances. Furthermore, it maximises the natural light in the workspace which diminishes the need for artificial lighting. In this way you save on your monthly electricity bill.

 2.    Your furnishings will be protected.

Corporate window film filters out harmful UV rays from the sun –  UV rays are  notorious for damaging furniture and carpets as well as fading the material of the office furniture and making it brittle. By using corporate window film you are able to extend the life of your office furnishings and not have to replace these items due to them looking old and worn.

3.    Corporate window film enhances the work environment for your staff.

The office environment should be a space which motivates and inspires your staff which then increases productivity levels. Beautifying the space with gorgeous designs or internal marketing campaigns that underpin the office culture will go a long way to making your staff feel at home in the office.

With so many styles and pattern to choose from as well as having the option of a unique design being created to your taste, there is no reason why the corporate window film in your office shouldn’t be a showstopper. If it is, your staff will enjoy their work environment, leading to a reduction of employee absenteeism and increase staff retention.

4.    Corporate window film will blur the lines between the outdoors surrounding the office and the interior.

By allowing staff and clients to enjoy gorgeous views to the outside of the office you are enhancing their feelings of wellbeing. Many offices feel like boxes and when the blinds or curtains are pulled shut, the lack of natural light and outdoor influence can make many feel quite confined.

 5.    You can ward off irritating glare with corporate window film.

With everything technology based, offices are filled with gadgets and gizmos aplenty. This means every desk has a computer screen on it, and an iPad or the like. The biggest annoyance in offices making use of the latest technology is the glare of the sun streaming through the windows because it makes it very difficult to see screens and irritates the eyes. The result is that many close the curtains and blinds just to be able to see their screens.  Corporate window film will ward off this annoying glare, making for a far more comfortable work space.

To find out more about installing corporate window film in your offices please contact Window Art directly or try out our pricing calculator here .

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