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Even with great advances in technology, especially digital marketing, in-store advertising remains a powerful tool to bring consumers to the till. There is nothing more alluring than walking past a store with a 75% sale sign in the window. Digital signboards are however, becoming more popular (and affordable), putting pressure on traditional window signage to up its game. We’ve looked at five simple ways you can breathe new life into your traditional window signage.

Motivate customers to make buying decisions with pictures and words

Whether you have digital screens, a chalkboard or words hanging from the ceiling, they need to convince the consumer to take action. Talk is cheap and your power of persuasion is only as good as your window signage copy. Sell the benefits of your products and services rather than trying to convince the consumer of how great you are. In our visually driven society, you have to include imagery in your window signage. But be careful when bringing in imagery, and ensure that you call in the help of a professional designer. Words and pictures need to complement each other so the trick is to find a good balance and not over clutter the store front.

Focus on the size of font of your messaging

The packaging of your message needs to look good. Pay careful attention to the font, size and case of your text. The font you choose needs to be suitable to your industry and in keeping with your brand look and feel. There’s no point in using an elegantly cursive typeface if you’re selling a very simple product. Not only does it look unauthentic but you’re also overshooting your target. When it comes to window signage, size matters. You can easily emphasise certain words or prices by enlarging them. When it comes to text casing, steer clear of using uppercase. Although it reads easy it also reads quickly, in fact too quickly – not an effective tool for retaining your customers’ attention.

Keep it simple and be creative with your window signage

Be word-economical with your window signage, as you only have a certain amount of space. The saying ‘less is more’ applies here. However cliché it seems, you really don’t need dozens of words to convey a direct and effective message. All it takes is some creativity. Let’s test this theory, shall we? For instance, ‘we have large range of décor products to suit your every need and desire, come in and see for yourself’ vs ‘a solution for every décor need’. You’re still conveying the same message, just shorter, simpler and more effectively.

Incorporate colour and unique designs with vinyl decals

So you’ve got your words in order and your designs are ready to wow, now it’s time to decide what platform to use. In most instances, a storefront consists of glass and presents the perfect canvas to bring your signage to life. Vinyl decals can be custom-designed to any shape, form or colour you desire. Create truly eye-catching window signage with vinyl decals to bring both copy and imagery to life. 

The Window Art team understands the importance of effectively and uniquely conveying your product message. We are standing by to help you create the most alluring designs to ensure that your window signage brings more customers through your door. For more ideas on how you can use vinyl in your business, download our free Office Design and Corporate Branding Guide.

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