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Showcasing innovative glass pieces in your home will make it look stylish and modern. What’s more, glass is a no-mess, no-fuss material that requires hardly any upkeep or maintenance.

Here are four ways to create innovative glass showstopper installations in your home:

1.    Innovative glass furniture is a go-to introduction of glass in the home.

Glass furniture is one of the easiest ways to introduce glass into your home. This may include table tops and mirrors or glass shades on your lighting fixtures. Glass offsets and enhances the other materials it is paired with.

Glass is also easy to manipulate into the style you have chosen for the surrounding interior. Treating the glass with frosted vinyl decals in a design or theme that suits your interior will see it feature in your décor as opposed to remaining in the background. For instance, a glass-top table will look nothing short of smart with frosted, detailed borders, and this design could be mimicked on the surrounding windows, mirrors and the like.

2.    Innovative glass in the kitchen is fast becoming a staple.

Glass in the kitchen is no longer simply found in glass-paned cupboard doors and windows. Interior designers are beginning to include glass countertops and backsplash areas. Glass is a very hygienic material and in the kitchen it provides an easy-to-clean and safe surface for food preparation and eating.

The look and feel of this type of installation is clean, sleek and it immediately becomes a design focal point in the kitchen. Enhancing a glass countertop and backsplash area by installing custom-designed frosted vinyl decals will add a touch of uniqueness to these feature fittings.

3.    An innovative glass board for all things creative will delight your kids.

We have considered the use of glass whiteboards in the office environment and we have certainly seen chalkboard paint used in many a kid’s room to create an artistic outlet. However, let’s look at using a fixed glass whiteboard in your kid’s room. This will create less mess than a chalkboard and will remain a relevant feature in their room for a good while. A glass whiteboard will be a creative outlet while they are children and then as young adults it can be used for study purposes.

To create a glass whiteboard, simply install a freestanding pane of glass that has been frosted on one side. Use whiteboard markers to write on the other side. For an additional design element, choose a frosted vinyl decal that is predominantly frosted and features a border design.

4.    Create a bar area with glass shelving and mirrors for a plush finish.

If you have an entertainment area that includes a bar area, then using glass as the material for your shelving and cabinets will look rather exciting. The bar area in any home is a space where you can decorate with a bit of abandon. It is a playful area and often includes some sentimental pieces – no matter how cheesy. Innovative glass fixtures in the bar area can include glass floating shelves, mirrored cabinets and countertops. If you wish to theme these innovative glass fixtures you can include a design element through the use of frosted glass decals.

For some inspiration on innovative glass designs using frosting, please take a look at our free downloadable Guide to Window Frosting Inspirations.

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