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Just about every guest you invite into your home visits your bathroom. As such, you really don’t want it to be an embarrassment. It should be sufficiently private, clean and well-lit and should exude functional style. No one will care about your Egyptian cotton collection of towels and washcloths if your bathroom is messy, uncomfortable, dark and dank.

We have compiled a list of four bathroom renovation ideas that will guide you to creating a stylish setting.

 1.    Lighting can go a long way to creating a serene bathroom.

The bathroom is a place where good lighting is always necessary. We are avid fans of downlighters that operate on a dimmer switch. These little lights are secured to the ceiling of the bathroom with all the fussy wires and connections safely tucked away. By operating your lights on a dimmer switch, you can choose how brightly lit you would like the bathroom to be depending on why you are in there.

If it’s bath time for the youngsters then you can switch your lights to bright. However, if you are throwing a dinner party or the like, you can leave your bathroom light on at an amber hue giving it a warmer glow for your guests.

With a dimmer switch, if you enjoy a candlelit, de-stressing soak in the tub then you no longer need to fuss with candles to create incandescent lighting.

2.    If your shower requires a door then use it to your advantage.

Many new home designs feature a ‘built’ shower. These showers require no doors or glass panes as they have a slanted drainage system and are designed to fit against the walls of the bathroom. If you are not about to redo the flooring in your bathroom then you may very well have a standard shower. Generally, a shower requires glass, whether it be a door or a static pane, to prevent water from splashing all over. We suggest you use this to your advantage by incorporating beautifully designed glass for this purpose.

Window Art offers a range of frosted window vinyl decals that offer a beautiful design and looks the same as etched glass. Frosted window vinyl decals are ideal for shower doors, mirrors, windows and bathroom doors with glass panels in them. This is a really quick and easy bathroom renovation idea. Once you have chosen your decal design you can mimic it all over the bathroom, giving the design continuity.

 3.    Invest in a good bathtub, for personal and aesthetic reasons.

Purchasing a comfortable bathtub should be a priority when rehashing your bathroom renovation ideas. With it being such a big feature in any bathroom it is worth investigating your options and choosing a bathtub that is functional and beautiful. A free-standing bathtub will give the appearance of more space and you can choose how you would like it fitted. You may even choose to have it angled to create different dimensions and make space for plants or extra storage units.

If you have a very small bathroom then looking for a bathtub that is slightly deeper than the norm is advisable, so as to create depth where you cannot create width. With this type of design you could consider installing water jets to create bubbles and a bit of hydrotherapy.

Remember to always climb into the tub before purchasing. While this may garner a smile and a snigger from the sales consultant, you don’t want to purchase a bathtub you will never use.

4.    Mirrors are a must, as this is where we embrace our vanity.

Don’t frustrate yourself or any of your visitors with a lack of mirrors in your bathroom. If you can’t primp and preen in the bathroom, then where?

A full-length mirror is ideal. However, an expansive horizontal mirror mounted to the wall above the vanity basin is just as good.

A nice touch when considering mirrors in your bathroom renovation ideas is to look at installing functional mirrors for shaving (perhaps even in the shower) and an adjustable mirror for applying make-up.

The mirror you decide on can also be stylised into a statement piece by choosing a show-stopping frame or by using designer window frosting. If you have used window frosting on your shower door, as mentioned in point number two, you can create a continuous flow of design by using the same window frosting on your mirror.

If you are still only daydreaming about your bathroom renovation ideas then we have one last handy tip to offer.

Whatever toiletries you currently have packed onto your shelves, group them and place them on separate trays and then back onto the shelves. This de-clutters your shelves and gives your bathroom a more organized and contained feel. You could even add a small succulent to a couple of the trays for colour and appeal.

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