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Corporate branding is vitally important to every single business no matter its size or the industry it operates in. It is far more than choosing an exciting colour scheme, creating an attention-grabbing logo or other types of smart touch points – it is about recognition.

Some of the biggest companies in South Africa are recognised by their slogan alone. Think of ‘Today. Tomorrow. Together.’ or ‘Reaching new frontiers’ or even, ‘It’s finger licking good’. The respective companies who own these slogans, namely (in order) Absa, Sasol and KFC, have done well to become three of the most recognisable brands in South Africa.

The best corporate branding exercises result in immediate recognition by the public. The only way to gain this recognition is through constant advertising activities.

Here are four corporate branding solutions that have proven to gain companies a lot of attention and recognition:

1. Flying the corporate branding solutions flag.

Many companies in South Africa make use of the beautiful summer weather and advertise in the sky by flying a flag with their name and branding on it. Small planes are used to drag a large flag through the sky, the colour and branding is easily seen and it’s a very eye-catching way to advertise. Most times these planes fly quite low to the ground and often during the hours when people are either going to work or coming home again. This provides guaranteed exposure to a large number of people.

2. A corporate branding solution with a lot of drive.

Many cab services, and in Cape Town the commonly seen ‘Rikkis’, are open to branding their entire vehicles with a company’s colour, logo and slogan for an agreed upon compensation. Similar to the flag flying solution above, this corporate branding solution can gain any company a lot of exposure and attention. The company’s contact details are often included, so potential customers are able to get in touch immediately or visit the website if they wish.

3. Sending inspired, appropriate gifts is a corporate branding solution that packs a punch.

Many companies hand out branded pens, note pads and flash drives with little thought. These types of branded gifts are the norm, but sending relevant corporate gifts to your most valued clients or suppliers will certainly impress and make your company unforgettable. The right gift has the ability to be the catalyst to a powerful business relationship. Using gift giving as a corporate branding solution is an excellent idea, but it should be unique, personalised, against the grain and even outrageous.

Knowing what you client may enjoy is one thing, but figuring out what his spouse and family might enjoy is a deal clincher.

4. Smart business owners make use of corporate branding solutions in the office space.

The office space from which the company operates should be smartly branded with the company’s colour scheme, logo and slogan so as to inspire the corporate culture. The employees must enjoy their workspace and a beautiful aesthetic that focuses on the brand will create a team of workers who feel proud to be a part of the company.

Painting the walls in the company’s colour scheme and choosing complementary office furniture is a great place to begin with office branding. However, when looking to include the logo and the slogan of the company, turn to the glass in the office space. The windows, glass and sliding doors, mirrors and office partitions can all be treated with the logo and slogan design. This is achieved through using frosted vinyl decals that are custom designed and professionally installed. Even whiteboards can be created through using a frosted decal on the one side of a pane of glass, which can then be mounted on a steel frame on wheels.

Using the glass in the office as a canvas for corporate branding is the simplest solution and it requires little maintenance. If the company undergoes a rebranding exercise, the frosted vinyl decals are easily replaced with the new designs.

Window Art specialises in custom-designed corporate branding decals. Please do not hesitate to contact us with your office branding needs.

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