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As far as corporate branding solutions go most companies have a focus on getting their name out there. They will flood their marketplace with free goodies that have the company name and logo all over them. Think about the bunch of branded t-shirts you may have in your cupboard – remember when you received that free one from your neighbour’s new photography business launch party but in a XXL and now you use it to wash your car? Branded t-shirts, lanyards, beanies, caps, flash drives, pens and the like, have been the go-to corporate branding solutions for many a business owner.

While this corporate branding solution is effective to a certain extent, your target market often needs an experience that will make them never forget your business’ name.

Offering your customers an experience rather than gifts can be very effective and is often the way to win new clients.

So many companies fork out enormous amounts of money to host golf days, cocktail evenings, dinner theatre evenings, wine/whiskey/brandy/beer tasting events, really any type of event that will wow and spoil their current customers and attract new ones. These corporate events are most times a lot of fun and thoroughly enjoyed, but they cost a lot of money and time.

In-house corporate branding solutions can be just as effective as a swanky event.

If you look around in your office space and consider your surroundings, do you think your office is an eye-catching, exciting and inspiring place to spend time in? If not, then branding the workplace is one of the corporate branding solutions you should consider. Creating an environment that motivates your staff, excites your customers and looks sleek and professional will increase your foot traffic and give your customers a positive experience with your brand every time they visit.

You can do this by ensuring your office décor matches your company’s corporate identity, that you use your company’s colour scheme and that you place your logo, slogan and mission or vision statement around the office.

Use window signage as an in-house corporate branding solution.

Our Window Art offices are often abuzz with calls and enquiries from business owners who would like to decorate their office space. Most of these business owners are interested in having custom-designed frosted window signage created for them to use in and around the office. In this way, they are able to brand their offices and create an environment that underpins the nature and culture of the company. Frosted window signage can be used on street facing windows as well as on structural glass or even glass partitioning inside the offices. The frosted window signage can also be part of a design that is followed throughout the space and used across glass boardrooms and even to demarcate areas. For instance, one of our clients has a coffee station area cordoned off by glass partitions and they have decorated this space with the New York City skyline.

Using frosted window signage around your office space is an excellent corporate branding solution that will create an environment that will delight your staff and customers. New clientele won’t easily forget time spent in your office if you use the frosted window signage in a creative and exciting way.

To find out more about using frosted window signage as a corporate branding solutions please contact Window Art directly.

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