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As the saying goes ‘to err is human’ and our mothers know this better than anyone because they let us get away with just about anything, while they take the heat for it. Don’t you think it’s time you spoil them? Here are our reasons why giving her frosted vinyl for Mother’s Day will make her day special.

Give her a gift with as little upkeep as possible

Let’s face it, we all fall into the trap of giving mom a gift like a plant that requires some upkeep. But we don’t need to give mom more work – I think she has enough. Use frosted vinyl as an alternative because there is no upkeep necessary. It’s easy to clean, especially just after a beautiful rainstorm and will just about last her a lifetime.

Spoil her with some down time

Let mom have some time to herself in her own private room, where she can read a magazine, write, have a cup of tea or anything her heart desires. Leaving her feeling assured that she won’t be disturbed by any distractions outside thanks to our private frosted vinyl.

Block the sun while you’re at it

The sun won’t bother her either and filters 95% of harmful ultraviolet rays that could otherwise cause a lot of damage to mom’s couch, or the sun’s glare could be a nuisance if she is trying to read her books, magazines or when she’s trying watch television. Be the hero in her life this Mother’s Day by putting your trust in our frosted vinyl.

Incorporate a pattern she’d like

Is there a particular pattern she’s drawn to? Not to worry, we offer a customised design to suit her style. The installation process is quick and painless, so there’s no need to worry about upsetting her neighbours. You could have her frosted vinyl installation done quickly and let it be a surprise when she gets home.

Having vinyl art in any home is a sure-fire way to ensure you stand out from the rest, no two houses will look alike. We pride ourselves in giving a service and leaving a home feeling that we helped fit your needs to the fullest.

So go on, let us help you spoil mom this Mother’s day. Contact us if you need more reassuring. Alternatively, you can try out our pricing calculator and determined how much you’ll spend.

All you have to do is measure mom’s window, punch in the millimetres and voilà you can plan her vinyl art installation to fit your budget. If you want to do a little more research go ahead and download our home renovation guide, we can promise that you may get lost in there soaking up all the inspirational goodness the guide has to offer.

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