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Earlier this year, we had a look at the latest hot and happening office design trends for 2014. Open-plan layouts with an emphasis on informal collaboration have been steadily growing in popularity. However, the most effective workplaces combine modern open-plan office design with areas that include quiet, private workstations. This allows employees to enjoy the best of both worlds.

Glass office partitions support an open-plan office.

Office partitions are commonly used to demarcate private workstations. Whilst office partitioning might have you envisaging a bunch of advertising space jockeys in a call centre working from tiny cubicles constructed of felt and chip wood partitions, this is not what we are referring too. Modern office design aims to stick to the theme ‘keep it light’ and as such glass has become the go-to material for office partitions.

Glass is the best way to create a continuous flow through your office space. Glass maximizes natural light and doesn’t create a ‘boxed in’ environment for your employees.

Frosted glass office partitions keep your employees connected to each other.

While an open-plan office inspires communication and impromptu meetings or brainstorming sessions, there are times when the noise of the office is inappropriate or discretion is needed. Because of this, quiet spaces or designated workstations must be an option for your employees. Client briefings and disciplinary hearings are great examples of settings that will require a quiet spot.

If your employees work on various projects in teams, a designated team workstation or meeting room will assist in unifying the team by giving them a specific work space that they can call home.

Glass in its most simple form is transparent and is not going to satisfy the needs mentioned above. However, frosted glass will. Frosted glass office partitions are designed to offer privacy and create designated workstations without alienating the workforce.

Frosted glass office partitions offer just the right amount of seclusion.

Often times the IT department is situated down in the basement near the server room and the accounts department in a darkened corner of the office.  Frosted glass partitions used to create demarcated office space for these two information sensitive departments will create the right amount of privacy while allowing these two departments (and others) to be situated in the hub of the office. This is ideal as it will deter nosy parkers without isolating these important departments from the rest of the company.

Frosted glass office partitions can reduce your overheads as you can use your space more constructively.

If you find that your business is growing and you need, for example, a boardroom, creating one from frosted glass office partitions can be the easiest solution. This will prevent you from incurring the additional cost and inconvenience of renovating or moving to a bigger office.

Frosted glass office partitions are a pleasing aesthetic to add to your office.

Whether you see many clients through your doors and therefore have branded your frosted office partitions with your name or logo, or whether you are looking to subconsciously inspire the team with beautiful images or words, frosted glass partitions are pleasing to the eye. In the communal areas of the office such as the coffee station, using glass office partitions with a funky frosted design will create a relaxed and social area.

Using frosted glass as the chosen material for office partitions ensures both flow and privacy. It also allows you to personalize and modernize your layout and design.

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