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Frosted window vinyl decals offer a creative and practical alternative to traditional window shades. This couple chose to install frosted window vinyl in place of their old window shades in the master bedroom of their home.

This window is on the top level of the house. Because of this, the wall surrounding the property doesn’t block neighbours’ or strangers’ view into the bedroom. When getting out of bed first thing in the morning and when getting dressed, the couple often felt exposed to the outside world through this window.

Originally, they had window shades installed here as a privacy measure. However, the window shades were always collecting dust and malfunctioning; rolling back up to halfway open and so on. Furthermore, when the window shades were fully closed, the thick fabric not only blocked out the neighbours’ view, it blocked out the majority of natural light, too. Because of this, the couple often had to turn on artificial lighting inside during the day.

The couple wanted an alternative to window shades that would be easier to keep clean, provide a high level of privacy and still let natural light into the bedroom. Frosted window vinyl decals offer all of these benefits.

Window vinyl is very easy to clean; just one wipe with ordinary window cleaner does the job. Designs like this one provide an excellent level of privacy, ensuring that the couple is completely shielded from the neighbours’ curious gaze. Finally, frosted vinyl lets in 93% of natural light, while simultaneously blocking out dangerous UV rays.

The decorative element of these frosted window vinyl decals adds a touch of sophistication to the exterior décor of this home.

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