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One of the best things about glass walls is that they allow tons of natural light into a building and visually connect the indoors with the outdoors. Where there are beautiful surroundings, glass walls also ensure a beautiful view.

Sometimes, however, the application of frosted window vinyl is necessary to alleviate some common problems associated with glass walls.

The most common problem with glass walls is that they don’t offer any privacy. In the example pictured, frosted window vinyl has been used to add privacy to these glass walls. Notice that in this frosted vinyl design, most of the glass surface is frosted with only the motifs left transparent. This type of design is common where a high level of privacy is required.

Importantly, although this design provides a high level of privacy, the frosted window vinyl doesn’t block out natural light, keeping the indoors bright and pleasantly well-lit.

Unlike glass walls that simply consist of big panes of glass, these glass walls are made up of many smaller panes of glass held together by frames. While on some panes of glass the frosted vinyl decals sport a diamond design, other panes have been left plainer. This results in the frosted vinyl design looking less ‘busy’.

Another problem with glass walls is that they let in so much sunshine that it can become unbearably hot inside. Besides the heat being uncomfortable, people also often forget that the sun’s UV rays can still harm them when they are inside. Because of this, they neglect to take precautions against sunburn and end up suffering skin damage.

Frosted window vinyl decals, such as the ones pictured here, block out dangerous UV rays without blocking out natural light; providing both privacy and sun protection.

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