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The funky palm tree design used in these frosted window film decals adds to the overall relaxed feeling of this home entertainment area.

Nothing says ‘relax’ like palm trees, and this outdoor entertainment area is all about comfortable, chilled-out entertaining. Complete with a plunge pool, a big outdoor table perfect for family braais or parties and a lush, well-tended lawn, this is the ideal spot for entertaining guests.

As has been done here, it is common when applying frosted window film decals to sliding doors to replicate and ‘flip’ the same design on each door, creating a symmetrical ‘mirror image’ effect. The curvature of the palm trees in these particular decals results in a fun effect: it’s as though you’re being beckoned to walk down a palm-fringed jungle path towards an idyllic beach paradise.

Apart from adding an extra touch of island-living sentiment, these frosted window film decals have other uses, too. For instance, frosted window film is especially useful when applied to sliding doors as it prevents people from accidentally walking into them when closed. This happens more often than you might think – especially when boisterous, excited children are running around.

Over and above making it easy to spot closed sliding doors, frosted window film decals come with a host of other benefits. Importantly, applying frosted window film to sliding doors strengthens the glass; the extra film layer actually makes glass shatterproof.

Because these particular decals only cover a relatively small percentage of the glass surface, these decals don’t make these sliding doors completely shatterproof. In frosted window film designs where a larger area of the glass surface is opaque, however, the glass will be made much stronger.

Shatterproof glass is a wonderful safety feature for any home. If the kids’ cricket game gets out of hand and a cricket ball goes flying into your sliding doors, you won’t have dangerous shard of glass flying everywhere as the frosted window film will keep all of the pieces stuck together. This is a godsend, as small shards of glass are infamously difficult to clean up. Even if you use a vacuum cleaner, tiny shards of glass are still easily missed, and invariably end up stuck in someone’s foot later on.

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