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If you are anything over 25 years old you may very well remember the sci-fi trend. It began back in the late 60s with the birth of the Star Trek series and the likes of Stanley Kubrick’s Space Odyssey 2001 and has persisted through the generations as a theme that entertains. In the late 60s, futuristic interior design was dabbled in, as you can see in the above image from a scene in the Space Odyssey 2001 movie. Those bright pink chairs set in a collaborative meeting environment are not that strange anymore.

Recent office design trends are rather similar to those considered futuristic in yesteryears. We have decided to share what we think the office designs of the future might look like, considering that typical futuristic office designs have become the norm.

Technologically advanced yet environmentally friendly office design will become the end goal.

Achieving a sleek, sterile and minimal office design space was the goal of interior designers of the past. Technology has developed to such an extent that it is hardly seen in the office environment – it is small and neatly tucked away, making it less visible. This has seen office design shift focus from the advancement of technology to the development of its people. New office design will aim to create spaces that encourage maximum creativity and productivity. It has become clear that the ideal space blurs the lines between the outdoors and the interior, promotes wellbeing and advocates a healthy environment.

The divide between technological advancements and maintaining environmentally-friendly practices is becoming smaller and smaller. Office designs of the future will eventually quite easily deliver an organic design aesthetic and a technologically advanced infrastructure. We can see it beginning already with technology manufacturers offering up products such as bamboo keyboards. Have a look at these here.

Office design will be spatially aware and make use of otherwise neglected areas.

Rapid urbanization is happening all over the world and the major cities see many new skyscrapers and developments shooting up. We believe the future of office design may lead to the ingenious use of negative space.

This would include office environments remaining open-plan with the use of mobile room dividers to create segregated areas for meetings. These areas can be created anywhere, such as under the staircase. This space is often neglected and left open due to it being at an uncomfortable slant. This may not be uncomfortable if the seating used is low on the ground, such as beanbags.

If negative space is being used creatively, less floor space is needed for each company in the building.

It may even include offices set up in containers on open land outside the office or on large landings or supported balconies. With the development of mobile technologies, power points will not be needed in this makeshift type of space.

In Moscow there is an office that has made incredible use of the negative space between two buildings, it is called the Hanging Parasite Office. It is situated between two existing high-rise buildings and is high enough off the ground to not disrupt the traffic on the road beneath. Read more here.

Glass will continue to be a popular building material.

Futuristic office designs will continue to use glass as a predominant building material. Glass has gained major popularity in recent years and we believe it will continue to be a front-runner in all future office designs. Glass walls and expansive windows are the easiest way to allow the outside to influence the look and feel of the interior. This will underpin the organic aesthetic that we believe will become the ideal.

Glass can act as an insulator especially if treated with a glass covering like vinyl decals. Frosted vinyl decals, such as the products Window Art offers, will ensure that employees are kept cool in the hot summer season and warm during the winter months, making for a more comfortable indoor environment. Temperature control is important in any office space as it directly affects the productivity and creativity of the employees.

With the varying privacy glass treatments curbing the need for stuffy curtains or tatty blinds, future office designs can make excellent use of the natural light allowed in through the glass. Frosted vinyl decals are one such privacy glass treatment that will allow up to 93% of the natural light in. Natural lighting promotes a feeling of wellbeing amongst the staff, enhances the colours inside the office and reduces electricity consumption. Have a look at these forward-thinking office design spaces

If you are considering optimizing the glass in your office to include natural lighting and inviting in a gorgeous view, then Window Art’s frosted vinyl decals are a great choice of glass treatment. Please contact us to assist with your privacy and design needs.

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