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The cliché ‘home is where the heart is’ rings true for all of us. Why else would we be on a constant mission to improve our homes? So when an opportunity comes around to make our home improvement a little easier we need to hold tight for an exciting ride and soak up as much inspiration as we can. No need to go around town in search of what you like, the Decorex Cape Town Exhibition will have all you need under one roof.

The exhibition goes down at the Cape Town International Convention centre (CTICC) from the 29th of April to the 2nd of May, providing you with four days to get your décor fix t with trend-setters, interior designers and homeowners. According to their website, Decorex plays a pivotal role in shaping the décor industry.

Feather your nest at the décor and DIY theatre

This is a first for the Mother City, showcasing interactive décor talks and advice. When you leave this theatre fully equipped to decorate your home like a pro. You can catch the action starting on Saturday and ending on the last day of the Decorex Cape Town exhibition.

Go on… pull up a chair

Another new concept to Decorex Cape Town, which blew up a storm at the Durban exhibition, is the social media competition Decorex Hot Seats. All they ask of you is that you snap a picture of yourself next to 10 of Decorex’s brand ambassador’s hand picked and locally designed pristine chairs. Choose your favourite one then upload your picture to either Instagram or Twitter and don’t forget the hashtag #DecorexHotSeats.

Now roll up your sleeves, you’ve rested enough

You will be the odd one out if you head on down to the Makers Corner and don’t roll up your sleeves, because everyone there will be getting stuck into DIY. Showing off the latest DIY technology to incorporate in your home or workplace the Maskers Corner provides a hands on experience demanding you take the lead and learn from the DIY experts.

Decorex Cape Town shows off African design

Decorex are going all out to make sure you truly feel at home with their trend pods installations. To evoke the warmth and décor fineness of the southern hemisphere participants Lion & Tyers and Dorothy van’t Riet Design & Décor will showcase the true African spirit with rich and exotic textures, hues and patterning.

A rebooted dining district

Back by popular demand and rebooted with eye-catching furnishings to delight you while you eat, the dining district now boasts a turntable that’ll be too tempting to ignore The dining district is the place to experience a memorable dining setting after a long day’s hike around the convention centre. Speaking of fine dining, if you thought the home décor was the only thing to get excited about you are in for a pleasant surprise. Haute Cabrière, Cape Town’s premier wine masters will be hosting the Bubbly Bar, so be sure to get your wine fix there.

Catch Window Art there too

We live and breath home décor, which is why we’ll be there with Decorex every step of the way. So pop by when you’re in the neighbourhood – stand J32. If you can’t wait until then, give us a call on 087 550 3030 to discuss how we can elegantly dress your windows with window decals.

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