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We get asked a lot of questions about our product and we’re glad to answer them. The window film application process isn’t that difficult to grasp, at the base level it entails installation of film onto a glass surface. A design can be chosen from our gallery and applied or a custom design can be prepared for transfer onto the glass. If you’ve ever had questions going through your mind about window film, we hope that after reading this blog you’ll have in-depth knowledge of window film and its application.

The benefits of installing window film

Window film isn’t just an attractive film used as a decorative statement for home, office or storefront – it also has a load of other great benefits:

  • Privacy: We can offer you a great compromise between enjoying the views from outside while preventing the outside world from seeing into your home. In the bathroom, window film will give you privacy without blocking out much-needed natural light.
  • Insulation: Window film is able to slow the transfer of heat through your glass window, keeping you cool in summer and retaining heat in winter.
  • Eco-friendly: Window film softens harsh sunlight, meaning you and your furniture will be protected from the sun’s harsh and destructive glare.
  • Quality product: Our film will instantly transform your windows, giving you the ‘expensive frosted look’. The film will not bubble, peel or fade. But your product comes with a 10-year quality guarantee just in case.

The strengthening power of window film

In the same way adding film to your car provides extra safety, adding window film to your windows especially large windows and glass doors will turn them shatterproof. The film will hold the glass together should it accidentally or intentionally break; meaning there will be no potential glass splinters to harm anyone. However, please do bear in mind that putting window film on glass that’s already broken will not fix it. The glass must be unbroken before the installation process can begin.

Can window film really block ultraviolet rays?

Solar radiation is divided into components of light; light that we can see (sunlight), light that we can’t see (infrared) and light that touches us (ultraviolet). When light streams through a window with insulated window film it blocks UV rays from entering the room. Energy efficient window film will perform this function even better, our window film blocks 95% of UV rays.

What other questions do you have for us?

We get asked a lot of questions on our website and we have turned them into a FAQ blog in two parts. In part 1 we were asked if we can install colour window film, if customers can come to our showroom and if we can give price estimates. Find out what our answers were by visiting the blog. In part 2 an interior designer asked if they could receive a special price, if we can install window film to mirrors and if we supply the glass with the window film, once again to see our answers visit the blog.

If you have any more questions for us about our window decals, we’d be delighted to answer them. Download our window decals catalogue for more information and remember: every journey with us is a unique one.

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