Glass Art Pricing Calculator | WindowArt

To get an estimated price for Glass Art or Writing Boards please enter the
width and length dimensions, and select Artboard or Writing Board. The width and length values need to be entered
in millimetres (minimum of 3 digits). Note: 1m = 1000mm.


The price quoted includes material, installation and any design choice as listed on the website.
All prices exclude VAT

Please note:

  • The width and length values need to be entered in millimetres.
  • The price calculated includes all materials, an existing design from our gallery and installation.
  • For custom designs, an hourly graphic design conversion fee will be levied – speak to a design consultant for more detail.
  • A minimum order of R1010.00 (excl. VAT) is required.


If customized, will take more than 10 days. Otherwise will take up to 3 working days. Price includes installation and shutter stock image. When requesting quote specify what surface as they are different fittings for each surface.

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