Glass has become increasingly more and more popular throughout homes and offices alike with many looking for a creative use of this material. Window Art is able to create artistic and aesthetically pleasing glass pieces for your home or office. Add a new, fresh and cost-effective décor element to the space by using Window Art’s Glass Art products.

Window Art offers a wide range of Shutterstock* images to suit your personal style

Window Art is able to create artistic glass pieces for your home or office by creating a vinyl print of any image you choose to your specifications and setting it on a pane of glass that is mounted for display. The glass panes are available in the regular TV inch sizes.
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You can choose to use a personal image that results in a bespoke art piece

Should you choose, you can send us a high-res photograph which we will print onto vinyl and set on a pane of glass. This is a new take on family photos or this product could be created to showcase your team of employees in your office. The glass piece is toughened with stainless steel studs.

Glass Art is a  hardy product that will last a lifetime and needs little maintenance

There is no special care needed for any Glass Art product. Just like any piece of glass it is easily cleaned and maintained. You are in no danger of the glass fading or being marked and these bespoke art pieces are a long-lasting artistic edition to your environment.

Be Inspired…


Glass art in your home or office space adds a decorative element. It offers a visual and artistic feature in any room and adds an element of sophistication. The pieces can be created to suit any specific style or taste. The Shutterstock gallery has something for everyone and every setting. If you would like you can even have a personal photograph made into a glass art piece.


If you wish to have your personal photographs of friends or family displayed around your home you can do so with our glass art product. We can take any image you send to us and have it printed onto vinyl and mounted on the glass pane. If you wish to personalize your office space with team photos or an organogram of your employees we can create these pieces for you.


Often times the corporate environment is fairly bland. With companies paying close attention to creating a pleasant workspace in which their employees feel comfortable, decorative features have become more important. By making use of glass art you have the freedom to choose exactly what kind of imagery you would like displayed around your office space. Glass art can be used for branding the space too.

Writing Boards

Whiteboards are the norm in all brainstorming spaces but they tend to weather and ghost quickly, making them look grey. Glass writing boards are a great alternative, especially if you are looking for an easy-to-clean and long-wearing board on which to share your thoughts and ideas. With our glass writing boards you can create branded boards that include your company name or logo.

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