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We have spoken about glass frosting in the workplace many times. With an emphasis on a high-quality work environment that supports corporate ideals of transparency, accountability, employee satisfaction and team spirit, It’s smart to make use of any tools that might aid such a positive environment. making use of any tool that might aid in gaining such a positive environment is smart.

Glass frosting can be used for internal marketing campaigns, company branding, quirky designs that speak to the culture of the company and to simply add to the décor of the environment. It offers a flow of design and can be custom-made to suit your specific needs and style requirements. Furthermore, it is a modern take on window treatments and is far easier to maintain than curtains and blinds.

The smartest business owners, CEOs and MDs are concerned with creating a positive work place for their employees. Glass frosting can assist in creating an optimal work environment.

Glass is a popular structural material and most modern offices are filled with windows and glass doors both in the interior and exterior. Natural light is then allowed to stream in and if it is not deterred by the likes of blinds and curtains, it will fill the interior and illuminate it. This type of natural lighting directly and positively impacts the employees, supporting feelings of wellbeing and productivity.

It may seem counter-intuitive but as much as your employees want an open plan environment with light and space, they also have a need for privacy and no distraction. Once again glass frosting is able to provide what is needed. Glass frosting is able to keep the space well-lit and airy preventing your employees from feeling isolated while provided ample privacy. The frosting is completely opaque and remains that way no matter the lighting. Employees who need partitioning because they cannot afford to be distracted or who need to use a boardroom for a meeting with a client can rest assured they will get exactly what they need without holing themselves up in a dark corner office, isolated from their colleagues.

Glass frosting is not only used as a window treatment it can also be used on doors, it can demarcate different areas and used to create glass whiteboards.

The executives in the company are likely to have their own private offices and many times the offices are cordoned off with glass partitioning and doors. Considering their position in the company, branding the door to their office with their name and title looks quite sophisticated. What’s more, small glass or Perspex placards can be treated with frosting and used to indicate the two different bathrooms or the store room or the like (areas that won’t make use of glass doors).

Glass whiteboards are created with glass frosting and they are becoming increasingly popular in many different offices. The benefits to using glass whiteboards as opposed to the normal run of the mill metal ones, is that they are easily cleaned, long lasting and will not ghost. This means they won’t be up for replacement any time soon and they can be personalised through custom-designed frosted window film.

Glass frosting and window film can turn an uninteresting office space into a vibrant environment for your employees. Have a browse through our Office Design and Corporate Branding Guide to find out more about how to make use of this versatile material in your workspace.

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