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Using glass in your home or office is a chance to get creative, as there are a variety of different glass treatment options available. A most popular treatment of glass is to use frosted vinyl glass graphics designed to suit your interior. You no longer have to stick to what’s available, but you can now create (with the assistance of a graphic designer) a bespoke design that speaks to your particular style palette or needs.

Glass graphics are becoming more and more popular and while treating glass was once an expensive and inconvenient affair, nowadays it is quick and simple.

Glass graphics in your home can complement any interior design style you may prefer.

Instead of glass remaining in the background as a utilitarian material, it can now be the feature piece in the room. For instance, if you are looking to update the style in one of the rooms in your home or perhaps in a number of rooms, you no longer have to work around the curtains you chose ten years ago. You can rid the room of out-dated curtains or blinds and make your windows stand out with glass graphics.

Glass graphics in the form of frosted vinyl decals have proven time and again to be an excellent way of treating the windows in your home. This type of treatment is as easily removed and replaced as it was installed. It is not a DIY treatment so you must look to the professionals to install, remove or replace your decals. However, this can be conveniently completed within an afternoon.

Working together with a graphic designer to create a glass graphic design that correlates with your style will ensure that your windows look beautiful.

Any company that offers glass graphics should have a designer with whom you can correspond so you have the final say on how you would like your windows to look. During this time of creating a design to suit, you can discuss aspects such as your privacy needs.

A graphic designer will come in handy if you decide to use glass graphics in the office environment.

If you are looking to use glass graphics for your offices, you should work with a graphic designer who can understand your logo, theme and corporate culture. Many companies use glass graphics that are not necessarily of their logo or name, but take the form of designs that inspire their staff and speak to their corporate culture.

Using glass graphics on your windows and sliding doors can really give your home or office the ‘wow’ factor.

If you are about to host a number of parties – at the office or at home – you could look to using glass graphics such a frosted vinyl decals to set a semi-permanent festive theme. With Guy Fawkes, Movember and Christmas just around the corner, you could design a fireworks display that will exude a festive feeling. Once we have all arrived safely into the New Year, you could remove the fireworks display and update to your new style for the year.

Window Art offers a range of frosted vinyl designs to choose from, but we also work closely with our graphic designers to create new and inspired designs for our clients. Check out our work here.

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