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In January of this year the province of Gauteng made a bold move towards paperless classrooms. Boitumelong Secondary School is one of the first township schools to adopt new technology in the classroom. They have done away with both paper and chalkboards. You can read the full story here.

If Gauteng gets this initiative right we will see schools around South Africa all operating with more tech-savvy classroom settings.

The idea of going paperless and using technology is not a new one –  we’ve seen many a corporate look to creating a paperless office environment. This eco-friendly ideal requires business process automation, to make sure a paperless office environment operates seamlessly. This will have to happen in these schools too and there is a lot of technology and software available to support a move like this.

While using technology in classrooms is a win and is set to benefit South Africa’s education system immensely, teachers may still need to use some kind of board when in the throes of teaching.

Chalkboards are definitely out-dated and tech savvy classrooms will predominantly make use of big screens at the front of the classroom that’ll link into what students view on their tablets. This interactive system is excellent, but many teachers will still want to scribble explanations down when helping a student to understand something complex.

To stick with the look and feel of the technologically operated classroom environment glass writing boards could be used as the new chalkboards.

Glass writing boards are ideal in this environment as they are a no-mess, no-fuss installation and tool. Many corporate environments make use of glass writing boards because of these reasons and they’ve been very successful in this setting. Glass writing boards are also easily cleaned and the frosted vinyl that makes the glass board opaque can be custom-designed to fit the style of the environment. In a school setting this could look quite exciting – for instance, in a science classroom you could create a glass writing board with the periodic table.

Glass writing boards are also a long-lasting installation as they won’t ghost like normal whiteboards. Glass is also a hardier material than the aluminium that whiteboards often use.

To custom-design a glass writing board for your office or classroom environment please contact Window Art directly. Our graphic designers can custom-create a frosted vinyl decal that will result in a glass writing board that will last you a lifetime and underpin the style and message in your work environment. Please contact Window Art directly to find out more about our glass writing boards.

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