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With green buildings now being the law in South Africa, all corporates need to shape up and fast. As green buildings do their part to counter global warming and boost job creation, it’s no surprise why the South African government is pushing for more buildings to be created using the green design technique. In this blog we’ll take a closer look at the new and existing green design buildings in Pretoria.

What makes a building green?

The Green Building Council of South Africa (GBCSA) is the rating authority in South Africa and it is their ultimate aim to ensure all buildings are designed, built and operated in a sustainable manner. For instance, they look at whether a building reduces its impact on the natural environment and if it improves the wellbeing of their employees. If you want your organisation to follow this route, then try their online courses, events or workshops.

Menlyn Maine’s master plan

According to their website “Menlyn Maine prides itself on being the first green city in South Africa” and are focusing on providing a world class service. It has been nicknamed ‘the Sandton of Pretoria’ by Menlyn Maine’s executive director Henk Boogertman, because the design of the precinct is based on urbanism principles.

When developing a building, you need to be mindful of the surrounding environment while still keeping up with urbansim ideals which dictate the use of walkable landscape and a liveable and workable environment all mixed into one area. The development will include office and retail spaces, a Virgin Active gym, vibrant and luxurious hotels, a Times Square entertainment complex and tranquil scenic park lands.

According to The African Business Journal, the precinct is “striving to stimulate a paradigm shift in how South Africans live, work and play.” They want to set the example and have the opportunity of being the game changers in Pretoria and are determined to reach a minimum four star rating based on the Green Star system. The project will create approximately 3500 jobs during construction and 1500 after its completion.

Aurecon are known for being green buffs

Aurecon fully celebrates green design and construction. Gustav Rohde, chief operations officer, says that going green has it’s benefits particularly for your employees, because it could increase their productivity. Among other advantages of businesses fully embracing a green design lifestyle is that it reduces liability, energy costs and increases employee attraction and retention.

As ambassadors of the GBCSA, it is their job to play a role in promoting sustainable development in South Africa within the corporate landscape and to do so with their own building designs. But their initiative doesn’t stop there, Aurecon is on a quest to reduce electricity and water consumption, improving the environment for employees. One of the ways of reducing electricity in an office block is to rely on more natural light entering that space and reducing the need for artificial light.

The first green building in the government sector

The Department of Environmental Affairs head office has received an astounding 6 star office design rating and is the first government office to do so. If that isn’t enough, the building achieved the highest score for a large commercial office awarded by the GBCSA thus far.

“This is not just another good looking block of offices in town, but a performing green building with specific targets on energy efficiency, water efficiency, an industry first sophisticated energy consumption mechanism never implemented in any other project in the construction sector,” says minister Edna Molewa. The building includes a custom designed vertical green wall, roof gardens and a natural veld that surrounds the parking area.

Lakeside office park

The Lakeside office park situated in Centurion makes use of the latest green technologies such as an air conditioning system that uses less water and power, a building management system that helps reduce the building’s heat consumption and the building also offers facilities for cyclists and provides provisions for hybrid cars in the parking lot and is directly opposite the Gautrain Station for ease of access, transport and mobility.

How can Window Art help you be an eco-friendly ambassador?

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