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Did you know that in the United States Halloween is the second most commercial holiday after Christmas, with Americans spending an average of $2.5 billion on costumes and $3.5 billion on sweets? That is a lot of eyeball jawbreakers. While in South Africa we are not quite on the same level, “All Hallows Eve” is gaining ground as one of our most popular celebrations. Any occasion that involves family-centered dressing up and being able to eat a load of sweets, or being able to hang out with friends in ridiculous outfits, couldn’t be bad in our books. And whether you are wanting to add some seasonal touches or thinking about throwing a party here’s our guide to decorating for Halloween.

Halloween doesn’t have to be tacky

There are many ways that you can trick out your house for Halloween that are actually quite tasteful, if you are going for a more grown up appeal. Why not use hollowed out pumpkins as a vase for flowers? Or use pumpkins as holders for tea lights for a more sophisticated table spread. Use a cut out leaf motif to put the finishing touches on your table settings or make a sinister looking wreath for your front door with a little bit of card, paint, and creativity. To find out more about these and other ideas click here


Halloween themed treats

While Halloween celebrations for children often seem to put a focus on quantity of sweets, rather than quality, there are many ideas for making Halloween treats which are really worth the effort. Children and adults alike will be delighted by these spooky sweeties, and you might be surprised by how easy they are to make. From Meringue Ghost Tartlets, to Chocolate Bats, and a Graveyard Chocolate Cheesecake Dip, these recipes are scarily delicious. There are Jack Skellington Oreo Pops and adorable Mummy Pumpkin Cookies, if your guests don’t like these delicious treats they might already have passed over. Find out more here


Halloween window designs

Getting into the Halloween swing of things requires you to put up some kind of decorations on the front of your house including front stoep, door and windows. This will ensure party guests or trick-or-treaters get the benefit of your Halloween atmosphere. Consider putting up some spooky silhouettes like ghosts or a haunted house, zombies and witches. Check out these decorations for some inspiration.


Whether you’d like a carved Jack O’Lantern or something more specific like Jack Pumpkinhead from A Nightmare Before Christmas, Mexican “Day of the Dead” themed skeletons, or some scary ghosts, Window Art has an expert design service who will put your favourite Halloween designs front and centre on your windows. Making a display with our window vinyl frosting is sure to make the best impression.

Feel free to browse our catalogue or use our easy pricing calendar. For more information about our window vinyl frosting click here. Please contact us for any other information you might need.

Image Credit: http://www.who-arted.com

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