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One of the great benefits of frosted window vinyl is that it helps with temperature control. It does this by slowing the transfer of heat through glass. Because frosted window vinyl is able to insulate windows and glass doors in this way, it is often referred to as heat reducing window film.

There are a number of benefits associated with installing heat reducing window film in the workplace.

Installing heat reducing window film in the workplace will reduce heating costs.

We work in our offices throughout the year, during both winter and summer. Because of this, many companies spend thousands on keeping the temperature inside comfortable by heating it in winter and cooling it in summer.

Installing heat reducing window film in the workplace helps to regulate the temperature, keeping the heat out during summer and in during winter. This results in substantial savings on heating bills.

Frosted heat reducing window film eliminates glare.

Almost every office job today requires staring at a computer screen for hours on end. This is already taxing on the body and eyes, and having to squint through glare coming off the screen is even worse. Dealing with glare is annoying, uncomfortable and leads to horrible eyestrain and headaches. If you want employees to perform well, keeping them comfortable and healthy is of the utmost importance.

Frosted heat reducing window film eliminates annoying glare by blocking out harsh, direct sunlight. However, while frosted heat reducing window film blocks out harsh glare, it doesn’t block out all natural light.

Frosted heat reducing window film preserves an abundance of natural light.

Although frosted heat reducing window film blocks out irritating glare, it doesn’t block out natural light. This is a really great benefit because natural light is a proven mood enhancer and does wonders for keeping the interior of your office bright and attractive.

Natural light doesn’t only keep employees in high spirits, it also saves on lighting costs. While dark, gloomy offices require artificial lighting throughout the day, offices that are filled with an abundance of natural light don’t require any artificial lighting except in the very early morning, late afternoon or on very overcast days.

So, frosted heat reducing window film not only cuts heating costs, but lighting costs too.

Frosted heat reducing window film blocks out UV rays.

Frosted heat reducing window film protects people, furniture and office equipment from harmful UV rays. This prevents furniture from fading and prolongs the life of other office equipment. Because people often forget to apply sunscreen while indoors, vinyl frosting is a great way to protect your employees from the damaging effects of the sun’s UV rays.

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