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Hipsters are artistic, enjoy a bit of thrift shopping and appreciate just about anything anti-commercial or mainstream. Eco-design has become very mainstream, however, there are ways in which you can create green elements of décor and design in your home that covers the hipster style.

The biggest link between eco-design and ‘hipsterism’ is that in both styles you can, and are expected to, make use of repurposed and second-hand goods and materials.

Repurposed pieces in your home is likely to give your space a touch of vintage style, but this is also a way of upcycling which is considered to be a very green practice. It’s the recycling of furniture in way that results in a new product that is of a higher quality or even value than before. In this way, you are not taking anymore away from the environment but rather making use of what was already available.

You could look to making your own furniture and décor pieces from vintage items found in second-hand shops or find an upcycling shop that has already created tables and chairs from cabinets, cupboards and chests.

Everything found in an eco-design style home  as well as a hipster’s home is utilitarian.

Eco-design greatly supports the idea of having furnishings, fixtures and fittings that serve a purpose and hipster home design styles support the idea of an uncluttered space. In this way the two styles marry easily and homes that wish to be green and fashion-forward are abiding by the rule of utility over decoration.

If you want to include eco-design or the hipster style in your home you should try your hand at some DIY projects.

DIY can be considered hard work, but when it comes to eco-design and the hipster home style you don’t have to put in as much affort as you think. For instance, you can lift up your old carpets and strip your windows of your curtains and with a few small changes create an industrial chic look that feeds a hipster style and ensures you remain eco-friendly. How, you might ask? Well, if you lift your up carpets don’t replace them but rather use a concrete floor finish which leaves the ground exposed and plush looking.

Also, if you expose your windows and rid yourself of tatty old curtains don’t replace them with new ones or blinds, rather use window film on the windows. The window film can be designed to underpin a hipster décor style and it is an environmentally friendly window treatment.

Window Art has worked with many a home owner and created window film to suit many a unique style. Eco-design and hipster décor styles are very popular interior design trends at the moment and they work very well together. If you would like to find out more about how Window Art’s window film is eco-friendly and a green window treatment please contact us directly and one of our consultants will assist you. Alternatively, if you interested in seeing our design capabilities then please browse through our catalogue here.

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