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Whether you’re on the hunt forhome renovation ideas, or wish to get inspired by a captivating collection of products on display with an army of experts at your disposal, here are a few  home décor events you won’t want to miss out on in 2016.

Luxurious and exclusive corporate events

The SARCDA show is proud to be the largest exhibition of its kind, so wear your takkies because you’re going to walk your feet flat. This is a strictly trade-only event so you can’t buy any products unless you place an order in bulk, or visit their stores directly. This arrangement makes it perfect for small businesses looking to sell new and upcoming products on the market.

Yet another corporate orientated event is the Inspire to Trade expo. Get swept away by the latest trends and feel comfortable to network with other industry leaders and manufacturers. Show off your products and expand your client base. Whether you are an expert designer and decorator or a homemaker with the idea of home renovation in mind, then you’ll have to make an appearance.

If you pour your heart and soul into home décor and home renovation then this place is paradise island

Do you have that special something you’ve always wanted to try? Or do you need to stock up on supplies? Then Hobby-X is the perfect event for you. Their motto, “Dream it, design it, make it” says it all. Their event features an array of things to do. Attend workshops, watch demos and receive the inside scoop on new product launches. You will walk out fully committed to a new hobby.

Indulge yourself in a wide range of things to do

Here for the 23rd time, the Johannesburg Homemakers Expo is ready to share industry knowledge with anyone eager to listen. This event gets kids creative with an innovative wall on which they can colour, decorate to their hearts content. At the same time, moms can shop for DIY tools and accessories, while watching demonstrations of enticing new products.

Decorex is Africa’s finest décor showcase, which offers an infinite number of ideas to take away from the event. They work tirelessly to present you with the best local and international designers, kitchen manufacturers, furniture suppliers and décor specialists. This event takes place over the Women’s Day long weekend and will be exhibiting alongside 100% Design South Africa, offering the same sophisticated feel of Decorex, but focusing on the residential, hospitality and office design industries, which makes it well suited for you if you’re looking out for décor to spice up your office.

This event is on fire

You may be wondering how this is relevant? Well going to AfrikaBurn will flex your creative muscles and amplify your idea generators. It’s an event where a community of people come together and create a city of art and then burn it. It’s a spectacular experience not to be missed. If you’re a creative junkie then you will be in your element burning up a storm out in the Karoo.

Attend world events in spirit

Just because there is a cool event happening on the other side of the world doesn’t mean you need to miss out, thanks to technology you can follow events on social media, watch their broadcast videos on YouTube, browse their gallery collection or take a peek at their Instagram account when searching for inspiration for your next home renovation. Events happening on the other side of the world aren’t out of reach.

Be sure to keep your eye out for any event that strikes your fancy. Keep in mind you always have frosted window film as a dazzling option to add to your home renovation list. Download our guide below to choose the best frosted window film to suit your lifestyle.

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