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Unless you’re a part of the notorious Bling Ring, or you’re in the A-list inner circle most of us can only imagine what it really looks like inside a celebrity home. With expensive and luxurious fittings and home décor, we’re all likely to be left with a bad case of property lust.

Not all celebrities are born with an impeccable sense of style. They are, however, in the position to hire a top professional interior designer to guide them. In turn, we can use their immaculate creations as a guide to decorating our own homes.

Taylor Swift’s L.A home screams sophistication

What we like most about Taylor Swift’s L.A home is her kitchen, which was featured in Vogue’s 73 questions video series. The vintage style kitchen is made up of pale grey cabinets and white tiles and walls, with accents of brown to add interest.

Swift has made use of the open shelving to show off her collection of bowls, while the use of lamps on the counters casts a soft glow, giving the room a warm and cosy feel. Personal touches include a unique monogram made up of spatulas, so it really stands out from the utensils and kitchen items we would expect to find. Among other things you wouldn’t expect to find in a kitchen are some of Swift’s awards – she certainly is someone who isn’t afraid to push the boundaries when it comes to decorating.

Keeping up with Kardashian home décor

Regardless of whether the Kardashians are your cup of tea or not, they have sick houses thanks to their relationship with family-interior-designer Jeff Andrews, making them well worth a closer look. The ladies are known for going over the top in the reality series, but when it comes to their home décor, the girls realise that restraint is important. “Don’t over decorate,” says Andrews, “It’s not always about flash.” Mix budget items with more expensive items in a room to balance them out nicely and make the room appear more expensive. Then, stay focused on the finer details and not just the big picture. Think less about the bigger items such as furniture and focus on which lighting fixtures and accessories you want to use. Finally, there are three predominant shades that the Kardashian sisters use white, grey and black. Incorporating these colours in your home is the easiest way to make it look as sophisticated as any Kardashian’s home.

Gwyneth Paltrow’s Tribeca apartment seems to float up in the clouds

Gwyneth’s mostly white-themed home makes it look as if angels should live there. It’s as clean and bright as if an all-white paint explosion went off. Filled with white silks, marble, rugs and wallpaper. Even the fireplace is white! An adorable addition is a rustic bench swing that adds to the airly artisanal feel of the house. Paltrow’s home is tranquil, a quiet place where you can breath easily and think clearly.

White has this effect on homeowners and according to Plascon, a leading colour specialist, it also has the ability of making a room seem bigger than it really is while effortlessly hiding architectural quirks. “Contrary to popular belief, there isn’t only one shade of white – it’s a multifaceted colour with different intensities,” the paint company claims.  Depending on the accessories you use, you can create the same airy-mood as Gwyneth’s home or choose a different  intensity of white for a clean-cut and contemporary look, with touches of colour added through furnishings.

Kelly Klein’s palm beach home is a breath of fresh air

Kelly Klein is definitely as design-savvy as her ex-husband Calvin Klein. When she built and decorated her Palm Beach home with the aid of architectural firm, 1100 Architect, she knew exactly what she wanted. She told Architectural Digest that she’s noticed everyone tends to hide away in their own corner in a big house, which is why she wanted a compact and more cozy home. She has accomplished just that by infusing a modern space with a warm feeling, making it inviting. The house makes use of natural elements and features a generous amount of unfinished wood. Her home is raw, natural, clean-lined and modern. In the kitchen, “some people don’t like looking at their things,” says Klein, “I like seeing my glassware and dishes.”

What better way to make your home appear instantly more expensive and showcase true celebrity style than with a touch of vinyl art on your windows that will give them the extravagant, frosted look at a fraction of the cost. No one will know the difference. Download our vinyl art inspiration guide and try our pricing calculator to get a price estimate.


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