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2015 is almost upon us. Now is the time to start considering how you would like to update your style in the New Year. As fashion trends come and go so do home makeover ideas. Keeping up to date with the latest styles is one way of ensuring your home is always at an optimum level of comfort and a real showstopper.

These home makeover ideas are trendy and in vogue for 2015:

Mixing the old with the new

Many home makeover ideas allow you to keep a sentimental tone to your home. Including antiques or collectables that speak to a unique interest of yours has become the norm, allowing you to decorate your home with a sense of individuality. No matter how modern your home’s interior design is, including nostalgic pieces in the mix makes for a homespun beauty in your abode.

Organic materials

New home makeover ideas include the use of organic materials. Reclaimed wood is being used throughout homes and offices extensively nowadays, as this leans towards a greener approach to home interior design. Exposed organic materials (such as wooden beams) have become centrepieces in many a home and if paired with plush, streamlined furniture or shiny metal pieces, they really ‘pop’.

Mixing textures

Mixing textures and patterns is a very modern way of creating excitement in any room in your home. Modern home makeover ideas suggest sticking to a simple colour palette and layering within the palette. Creating interest in a room is easy to do with different textures. By including contrasting materials you can create a really cosy space. Consider mixing velvets with cottons, florals with geometrics and hemp with faux fur. You can get away with a lot if you remain strictly within a set colour palette.

Natural themes

Bringing the outside in has become more and more popular. Creating a green home has never been more important and homeowners are well aware of the need to reduce their carbon footprint. New home makeover ideas indicate that 2015 will see more plants being used indoors to clean the air inside the home. The lines between outdoors and indoors will be blurred. Removing curtains or blinds and replacing them with window treatments allows for the outdoors to directly influence interior design. Window treatments, such as the frosted vinyl decals offered by Window Art, allow for natural lighting to be the main source of light during daylight hours. In addition, window vinyl decals insulate the home. This will reduce your energy consumption from artificial lighting and temperature control appliances.

Second-hand items

Upcycled, recycled or re-purposed furniture is an obvious home makeover trend for 2015. Homeowners and interior decorators alike are being urged to creatively make use of old furniture and fittings. It is suggested that fittings and furniture are reused with a new purpose in the home wherever possible. This is another way of underpinning a green and eco-friendly lifestyle in your home. It is also possible to embark on a DIY exercise by turning cupboard doors into trays, ladders into bookshelves and steam trunks into coffee tables.

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