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The latest in home makeover ideas found all over the internet on sites such as Pinterest and Houzz set out to dazzle and they do a good job of doing so. However, the cost involved with many of these ideas can prove to turn your enthusiastic attitude into a weary one within a matter of seconds. With this in mind we decided to compile some of our favourite home makeover ideas that will easily turn your frown upside down.

If you don’t like it, paint over it.

A fresh coat of paint is one of the easiest ways to ‘makeover’ a space in your home. We suggest you look at some really creative home makeover ideas using paint. For instance, create a feature wall by using a contrasting or bright colour on one wall in the room and decorate that wall with pictures or artwork. Alternatively, paint a rectangle or a circle on one of the walls and create a focal point filled with pictures or artwork.

You can also use paint to create really interesting furniture – consider painting the inside of your bookshelves in an exciting colour to create depth and vibrancy.

If your curtains are outdated, toss them out the window.

Curtains can become easily outdated or tatty from wear and tear. Plus, they will cost a fair amount of money to replace. With the coming summer months, we suggest removing the curtains altogether and treating your windows with frosted vinyl decals. These will look as plush as decorative sandblasting however, they are far more affordable. They allow for natural lighting to become the main source of lighting in your home, which will create a serene interior but still protect you and your family from harmful UV rays.

Even if your curtains aren’t tatty or outdated, to protect them from the damage the harsh summer sun can cause, switch to frosted decals for the season and back to your curtains when the winter returns. This is extremely easy to do as frosted vinyl decals can be removed quickly and with no hassles by a professional, causing no damage to your glass.

Splish splash backsplash – clean up your kitchen.

Backsplashes are commonly created with tiles, sometimes mosaicked and sometimes not. However, this area uses grouting that gets wet very often and can become grubby quickly. Home makeover ideas suggest that replacing your backsplash area with a glass pane as opposed to tiles, not only makes life easier but looks much cleaner.

To create a decorative element to this area choose a frosted vinyl decal that mimics the design already in your kitchen or choose a decal that you can apply to not only your backsplash, but also to your cupboard door glass panes and outward facing windows.

Do you enjoy a touch of old school glam? Do you thrift?

To add a bit of glamour to your home and your furniture, look at adding some interesting fixtures and fittings from a different era. You don’t have to subscribe to the design style of shabby chic to incorporate this in your home. Shiny brass door handles, interesting chrome design cupboard draw pulls and decorative copper feet can add some real flavour to an otherwise standard-looking piece.

If you are not one for a home makeover idea that touches on the vintage scene then grab your paintbrush once again and update interestingly shaped fixtures with colour. Alternatively, dig around until you find glass fixtures that are less vintage and more art deco.

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