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If you enjoy a regular soirée with friends in the form of a book club or the like but fall apart when it is your turn to host the gathering, you’re not alone. The pressure to impress – even amongst friends – can be overwhelming. However, sometimes all you need is a few simple home renovation tricks and a little assistance.

Simple home renovation tricks can be completed in one short afternoon.

Renovating your home always sounds like such a daunting task. However, ‘renovation’ doesn’t have to mean digging, building, painting and massive upheaval. Sometimes, you need to renovate because you want to make something look like new again. You can achieve this with just a few simple home renovation tricks.

Here are our home renovation tricks that will keep your house looking like new and your book club ladies impressed:

1. New knobs and new feet will update your kitchen cabinets.

Buy new knobs and feet for all your kitchen cabinetry, or reface the cabinetry entirely. In this way, your cupboards will never look tatty. Plus, this is a really easy DIY option that is inexpensive.

2. For lavish walls, look at easy-to-install panelling.

Install wainscoting or wall panelling for a plush finish and decorative wall design. This is an easy-to-install DIY renovation trick that looks far more intricate that it is. Provided you have a smooth wall surface to work off, all you will need is some glue and nails for an easy enhancement.

3. A feature wall creates a new and exciting focal point.

Paint one wall a different and exciting colour to create a feature wall in the space. This will add dimension to the room and decorative appeal. You can arrange your decorative pieces around this feature wall, leaving the rest of the room uncluttered and spacious.

4. Enhance your décor with natural light and create a healthy home.

Replace your curtains and blinds with frosted window vinyl. This will open up your space and allow for natural lighting to illuminate the room. Frosted window vinyl is a very beneficial home renovation to invest in as it not only lowers your electricity bill but also insulates your home, diminishing the need to use temperature control devices.

5. First impressions are important, which is reason enough to consider updating your entryway.

Redo the entryway to your home by including some quick aesthetics. Attach floating pot plants to the walls on either side of your front door, replace your house numbers or repaint your door in a new, fresh seasonal colour. Alternatively, you could look to install a brand new front door that makes use of glass panes, and treat the glass with frosted vinyl to meet your privacy needs. First impressions last, so a swanky entryway will look swell on book club night.

For all your glass home renovation needs, contact Window Art directly. We are well equipped to advise you on how to choose vinyl decals for your windows, doors and mirrors that will amaze your book club friends.

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