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Home renovations that add value to your home [infographic]

Home renovations make your home more comfortable, livable and modern. However, they also have another very important function: they add resale value to your house. Obviously, a home in tiptop condition will have a higher asking price than a run-down ‘fixer-upper’. Modern appliances and high quality fixtures are helpful bargaining chips when negotiating a sale.

This infographic details which home renovations add more value to your home than others. Let’s take a look:

Building a wooden deck offers an 81% cost recoup.

Wooden decks extend your living space into the outdoors and provide superb entertainment areas. With South Africa’s beautiful weather, an outdoor deck is a highly sought-after element of any home. Ideal for relaxing in the sun, entertaining or having a braai, wooden decks define undefined outdoor space and are visually attractive to boot.

Doing a little gardening goes a long way.

Whether you go for a full-on landscaping project that transforms your garden into a flower-filled wonderland or simply neaten up the lawn, giving the outdoor areas of your house some TLC can greatly improve your home’s general appearance. First impressions really do count, and if the first thing a potential buyer sees is a well-kept lawn, a tidy exterior and some beautiful flowers, you’re off to a good start. Even simply adding a few pot plants beneath a window can help your home put its best foot forward.

Factor in ample storage space.

When planning your home renovations, factor in the importance of storage space. Attics, basements and large garages make great storage areas, especially for active families who need somewhere to store their bicycles, kayaks or surfboards. Plenty of cupboards or closets are a huge plus, so keep storage in mind when redesigning bedrooms, bathrooms and the kitchen.

Insulated windows are always a plus.

Insulated windows save energy costs by slowing the transfer of heat through glass. This means that your house is warmer during winter and cooler during summer. It’s important to remember that insulated windows don’t just save you money; they’re an important eco-friendly addition to your home renovations too. Because eco-friendly, green home design is more important now than ever before, insulated windows are a great selling point.

A cost-effective, attractive way to insulate your windows is through the application of frosted window film. Vinyl frosting not only insulates windows, it also blocks out harmful UV rays, which damage human skin and cause furniture to fade. Vinyl frosting also provides privacy from neighbours, diffuses harsh glare and makes glass shatterproof.

Focus on the kitchen.

The kitchen is one of the most important, hardworking rooms in the house, so it’s no wonder that the kitchen is often the star of home renovations. The state of your kitchen will have a big effect on a buyer’s opinion of your home, so update your kitchen by investing in modern, energy-saving appliances. Don’t skimp on flooring or countertop materials, either. Wood, laminate, tile or stone are good options for kitchen flooring, while granite or Caesarstone both make for durable, attractive countertops.

Don’t add a swimming pool or Jacuzzi.

Swimming pools and Jacuzzis are a risky addition in terms of resale value. While some buyers might like the idea of a pool, most buyers see a swimming pool or Jacuzzi as an expense that requires maintenance and hard work.

Home Renovations that Add Value to Your Home Infographic

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