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Our homes are our refuge in winter. But we are so busy trying to keep warm that we may neglect the décor and when spring comes around, our world could look a little lifeless. If you are feeling like this, then it’s time to turn over a new leaf. Spring cleaning is about more than just whipping out the ol’ vacuum clearing and dust towel. For a completely ‘refreshed’ feeling, follow this blog and incorporate some of the latest spring decorating ideas.

Add a pop of colour

We are all excited about the celebrating spring days by cooling down by the pool and seeing fresh flowers blossom everywhere, and you can inject this feeling into your home décor too. Add a splash of cool colours, “Think dark, mossy greens lifted with neons to create an edgy and eclectic look and rose hues combined with bright accents of intense yellows and blues.” says Interiors Online.

The minimalist technique has been trending for quite some time, and it hasn’t fizzled out for spring. Take a look at this home in Finland for instance, it was designed to ensure all unnecessary things were left out. The main black and white color palette and the light-grey hardwood floors of the home effortlessly give it the airy feeling associated with the minimalist look.

You can’t get away from florals

There would be no spring without flowers gracing your home. In fact, according to Decoist, “designers are drawing inspiration from the ramp as they roll out accent pillows, rugs, chairs and even gorgeous sofas draped in floral print.” There’s no need to commit to a bright blue floral couch in the living room if you don’t want to, “but a cool rug or even drapes with a floral print do not seem like too much of a commitment.”

Macramé’ is making a comeback

Macramé is buzzing up a storm with people pinning about macramé décor all over Pinterest. According to Elle Decor, this last year was all about using metallic décor – your 2016 spring decorating ideas needs to include, “oxidized metals, matte glazes, and chalk-finish paints.” These elements will match perfectly with a macramé textile design. Read this blog for inspirational ways to decorate your home with macramé.

Let the Bohemian style run wild

Bohemian decorating is for homeowners who want to ignite their interiors with life and culture, with a mixture of interesting items. A common misconception about Bohemian style is that it invokes a cluttered mess, but this couldn’t be further from the truth. Bohemian style is all about being relaxed, throwing caution to the wind and designing your home the way you want to. Follow this comprehensive guide to Bohemian decorating.

Have a look at our spring decorating ideas

Here at Window Art we are all about bringing nature indoors. It’s why we have a dedicated category in our catalogue devoted solely to nature-inspired window decals. We can create a custom design window decal just for you, whether you want florals, bird motifs or any other designs that make you think of spring.

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