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Frosted window decals and stickers can act as a smart alternative to sandblasting. There are many advantages to choosing to install decals and stickers rather than sandblasting your glass surfaces. For instance, window vinyl can be installed on site, strengthens glass, blocks out harmful UV rays and is cheaper than sandblasting.

However, not all decals and stickers are of a good quality. Installing sub-par decals and stickers can leave you with unattractive and damaged windows. Here’s what you need to look out for when choosing the best frosted vinyl for your windows:

Window film should never peel off at the edges.

One great thing about choosing to install decals and stickers on your windows instead of getting them sandblasted is that you will have the option to have the window film removed at a later stage should you need to. Sandblasting, on the other hand, is permanent.

Although window film is removable, it should be extremely durable and hardy and should never peel up at the edges. It is common for low quality decals and stickers to peel off in parts of the design where there are thin strips and sharp points – for instance in elegant ornamental designs. Make sure that your window vinyl supplier does not use vinyl that peels off as this will ruin the smooth effect and look extremely unattractive.

Because the adhesive is so strong, high quality window film needs to be installed and removed by experts in order to avoid damaging your glass.

High quality decals and stickers should never form bubbles.

Air bubbles trapped beneath window film are very unsightly and completely ruin the effect. Frosted decals and stickers should look just like real sandblasting; if bubbles have formed underneath the film, the sandblasted effect is instantly lost.

The first way that bubbles can form is due to heat. Poor quality decals and stickers are not heat resistant and will bubble if exposed to intense heat or sunlight. With South Africa’s ample sunshine and warm climate, this is a legitimate concern, especially as window vinyl is often installed on sun-facing windows in order to block out glare and provide shade.

Another common way that bubbles are formed is through incorrect or sloppy installation. Window decals and stickers should always be installed (and removed) by professionals in order to avoid the formation of bubbles. Never attempt to install your own window film.

Window vinyl should never discolour.

The elegance of frosted window film relies on the preservation of the colour. Pale, white frosting is beautiful – discoloured yellow vinyl is not. Some vinyl film can discolour when exposed to sunlight. For window decals and stickers, this is obviously unacceptable. Apart from discolouration, some vinyl is also weakened by heat and might crumble, crack or even melt in summer.

Always ensure that your window film supplier uses good quality vinyl that will not discolour when exposed to heat and sunlight.

Window decals and stickers must come with a warranty.

The leading window vinyl suppliers in South Africa offer warranties on their decals and stickers – so always ask your supplier what sort of warranty or guarantee they offer. The product’s warranty should extend to at least 10 years, although the best vinyl is designed to last a lifetime. The warranty should guard against peeling, discolouration and bubbles.

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