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One of the unfortunate conditions of glass sandblasting is that it needs to be done off-site. This means that your windows need to be removed and taken away to a sandblasting factory to be treated before being re-installed.

Of course, this can be highly inconvenient. Luckily, there is another way to get the glass sandblasting effect without the fuss of off-site installation – frosted window vinyl.

Glass sandblasting invariably requires first having your windows removed in order to be taken away to a factory to be sandblasted.

Glass sandblasting happens off-site for a number of reasons. Firstly, sandblasting is a messy process. The sandblasted look is achieved by blasting an abrasive material – often silica sand – at glass at a very high pressure. This abrasive action removes a thin layer from the smooth surface of the glass, giving it that snowy, textured look and feel.

This process not only leaves silica sand all over the place, but also results in a fine glass dust, which is very difficult to clean up afterwards. The greater the area of glass that needs to be sandblasted, the more glass dust and silica sand there will be to contend with.

Not only is glass sandblasting messy; it also poses health risks. Respiratory problems have been linked to the inhalation of the fine glass dust and the abrasive material used in the sandblasting process (most often silica sand). Some glass sandblasting methods also use potent chemicals that can be harmful to humans.

Glass sandblasting done off-site can be inconvenient and poses safety risks.

Having glass sandblasting done off-site isn’t usually a problem if the glass is to be installed at a building site. If you are already living in your home or working in your office, however, having your windows removed – even for just a few hours – is an inconvenience and a security risk.

Picture working in an office where window panes have been removed. This would expose workers to the elements – rain and wind especially – and to the noise of passing traffic. The noise and hassle of the actual removal and re-installation of the windows will also be a factor. All of this would make for a highly distracting environment, and getting any work done would be nigh on impossible.

Apart from the annoyance of window removal and re-installation, being caught without windows in an afternoon thunderstorm could lead to the interior and contents of your home or office being damaged by the rain.

Unfortunately, having no windows also poses a serious safety risk as opportunist thieves may take advantage of your temporary vulnerability. In fact, it’s a burglar’s dream job: the classic ‘smash and grab’ without the need to smash.

Frosted window vinyl, however, can be easily installed on-site.

If you are after the look of glass sandblasting but don’t want to have to put up with the inconvenience of off-site installation, frosted window vinyl is a stylish, affordable alternative.

Frosted window vinyl doesn’t require taking a layer off of your glass to achieve the opaque look. Instead, a layer of frosted vinyl film is applied to the surface of the glass to achieve the same frosted effect.

Window vinyl can be installed on-site by professionals. After cleaning the surface of the glass with ordinary window cleaner, the window vinyl is carefully and expertly applied. Voilà: the same glass sandblasting effect without the mess and fuss.

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