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Though Narcissus may disagree, mirrors aren’t just for admiring our own reflections in.

Artists, architects and designers have long been fascinated by the way that mirrors can reflect and manipulate light and colour. In fact, some of the most incredible, mind-bending pieces of art and architecture are created using mirrors – have a look at this for a taste of just how magical mirror art can be.

You don’t have to be a zany artist or a new-age architect to incorporate mirror art into your home décor, however. Mirror art can be a versatile, playful and chic element of your décor scheme – here’s how:

Create mirror art with frosted window vinyl.

Installing large mirror panels in some rooms can help make the room seem much larger and brighter. Mirrors are also very elegant, giving rooms a chic, refined appearance.

Frosted window vinyl decals transform these plain mirror panels into beautiful décor features. The application of frosted window vinyl decals to mirror panels won’t prevent mirrors from making a room seem larger and brighter, as some of the mirror surface will stay reflective. Exactly how much of the mirror’s surface is frosted and how much is left reflective depends entirely on your decal design.

Frosted window vinyl applied to mirrors achieves the same classic frosted look of traditional sandblasting. Frosted vinyl decals can take the form of almost any design you can think of; from a forest scene, to an underwater wonderland, to vinyl lettering, to any pattern or print and more. One way to give your home bar area an authentic feel is to depict the names and logos of your favourite beers and whiskies in frosted window vinyl on your bar mirrors.

Use frosted window vinyl to give mirrors an attractive border.

Frosted window vinyl can be used to adorn your mirrors with any border pattern or design that you desire. This form of mirror art provides an elegant alternative to mounting your bedroom and bathroom mirrors onto ornate frames. You may like a plain, solid frosted frame or prefer something more playful like a whimsical vine or flower design.

Give your home a touch of bling with mosaic mirrors.

Mosaic mirrors are created by assembling small pieces of glass to form an image or pattern. Use different shaped shards of mirror for a haphazard, fun take on the classic mosaic or use uniform squares to create a neat, studded effect. Mosaic mirrors are tons of fun to make and are a great creative DIY craft project – just be very careful not to accidentally cut yourself.

Use frosted window vinyl to get the mosaic mirror look without the hassle.

How to incorporate mirror art into your home décorIf you aren’t the crafty type and don’t feel like making a real mosaic mirror from scratch, opt for the ‘cheat’ version instead. Use frosted window vinyl to create an imitation mosaic mirror by creating a frosted vinyl pattern of the outlines of the glass pieces – the ‘web’ – and applying it to a large pane of glass. The frosted window vinyl will take the place of the white grout used in genuine mosaic mirrors, resulting in a neater, more precise effect.

There are many benefit to opting to use frosted window vinyl instead of making a real mosaic mirror; it’s safer, easier and quicker to create and the frosted window vinyl can be removed later without damaging your mirror.

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