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In the past, vinyl lettering was most commonly used for corporate and industrial signage, car branding and boat naming. Lately, however, vinyl lettering has become a hugely popular home and office décor trend.

Interior decorators and homeowners alike are coming up with increasingly creative ways to incorporate vinyl lettering into their décor schemes. The great thing about vinyl lettering – and vinyl décor in general – is that it’s highly versatile, cost-effective and fuss-free. Vinyl is easy to work with and simple to apply; there are no dangerous chemicals involved, minimal resultant mess and virtually no risk of damaging the surface it is applied to.

Here’s how you can incorporate vinyl lettering into your home or office décor:

Apply vinyl lettering to walls.

Wall vinyl decals have become trendy features in both homes and offices over the past year. Wall vinyl decals can take the form of both imagery and lettering. Wall vinyl decals commonly feature nature-inspired imagery such as trees and birds, but can feature just about any subject you can dream up.

Vinyl lettering can be combined with imagery or used alone. For example, a popular way to incorporate vinyl lettering into your home décor is to display the ‘house rules’. These ‘house rules’ usually take the form of a family motto or creed, for example: ‘In this house we are real, we make mistakes, we say I’m sorry, we give second chances, we have fun, we give hugs, we forgive.’

Play around with different colours, styles and fonts.

Remember, you don’t need to stick to black. Vinyl comes in just about any colour, so play around until you find a shade that you really like and that works well with the rest of your interior colour scheme. If you have darker walls, applying pale or white vinyl decals can have a particularly striking effect.

The creative aspect of vinyl lettering isn’t restricted to which words you choose. You can also choose from an endless array of different fonts, colours and styles. A cleverly designed block of text that puts key words in different sizes and fonts results in an attractive and eye-catching effect.

Vinyl lettering is best applied to walls with a smooth finish.

Before opting to install vinyl lettering on your walls, make sure that you have the right surface available. A smooth finish is best; any imperfections in the wall – like lumps or bumps – will ruin the appearance of your vinyl lettering. Of course, rough, unplastered brick walls aren’t suitable for vinyl lettering as the vinyl won’t be able to stick to them.

Vinyl lettering can be applied to walls with minimal mess or fuss.

In the past, paint and stencils were used to apply lettering to walls. One of the major downfalls of this method is that the application process can be messy and difficult; you need to be very careful not to accidentally get paint on your carpets or floors. If you don’t have much experience working with paint, it can also be difficult to ensure that your stenciled design doesn’t run. What’s more, removing painted lettering requires repainting the entire wall.

Vinyl lettering, on the other hand, is easy to apply and can be removed without damaging your walls.

Apply frosted window vinyl lettering to your windows and glass surfaces.

Vinyl lettering isn’t just great for walls; frosted window vinyl provides an even more sophisticated way to incorporate vinyl lettering into your décor scheme.

Frosted window vinyl lettering achieves the classic sandblasted look and is ideal for both corporate branding and home décor. As with wall vinyl, frosted window vinyl lettering can incorporate different styles and fonts and can also be combined with imagery or used alone.

Frosted window vinyl lettering not only looks beautiful; it’s useful, too.

While large glass windows and doors do wonders for keeping the interior of your home or office bright and cheerful, they don’t allow for much privacy. The application of frosted window vinyl is an attractive way to increase the privacy of your windows and glass doors without blocking out natural light.

If you do require a high level of privacy, opt for your lettering design to form the ‘cut out’ part of the design, allowing the frosted vinyl to make up the ‘background’. This way, the majority of your glass surface is frosted, which effectively blocks outsiders’ view into your home.

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