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Office branding needn’t be confined to the sign that hangs above the entrance to your office building. We’ve come up with some creative office design ideas that allow you to incorporate your company branding into your office décor scheme.

Coming up with office design ideas that incorporate your brand into your office décor reinforces brand identity.

Company branding is a useful tool for reinforcing brand identity and team spirit. Company branding can go beyond just displaying your company name and logo; think of imagery and wording that embodies your brand’s ethos and personality. For instance, an environmental organisation might come up with office design ideas that incorporate natural imagery such as trees, mountains, rivers and birds. Alternatively, they might also incorporate inspirational quotes about living responsibly and being custodians of the earth. Both natural imagery and inspirational wording about nature reinforce the organisation’s passion for caring for the environment.

One way to incorporate brand-specific imagery and lettering into your office décor is to put branded artworks and posters up around the office. However, branded posters are somewhat dated and seldom complement modern office décor styles.

Instead, it has recently become very trendy to use wall vinyl to incorporate imagery and lettering into modern office décor schemes. Wall vinyl is cost-effective and – provided that you have the correct wall surface – easy to apply.

A chic office design idea is to use frosted window vinyl to display brand-specific imagery and wording on your glass surfaces.

Architectural glass, in the form of big windows, glass doors and glass walls, is a popular feature of many modern office buildings. Don’t let your glass surfaces go to waste; they provide the perfect opportunity to incorporate your brand into your office décor in a striking, chic and stylish way.

Company branding can be done on glass surfaces through the application of frosted window vinyl. Frosted window vinyl decals can take the form of your brand name and logo or depict any imagery or wording you desire. Displaying your company name and logo in frosted window vinyl on glass doors and windows at the entrance to your office building is a sophisticated alternative to the traditional signboard. Office décor that is classy and professional is important as it gives visitors, guests and clients a good first impression.

Always consider the practicality of your office design ideas.

While creating an attractive, elegant and cheerful workplace is important, it’s even more important to ensure that your office design is practical and functional. It would be foolish to incorporate office décor elements that look great but make working difficult or uncomfortable.

For example, while architectural glass is highly attractive, modern and trendy, having lots of glass does come with some drawbacks. Two of the most common drawbacks of glass walls and large glass windows in an office environment are a lack or privacy and an abundance of glare.

Applying frosted vinyl decals to problematic glass surfaces not only allows you to creatively incorporate company branding into your décor, it also helps alleviate these two common complaints associated with architectural glass.

A beautiful view of a garden or cityscape can be wonderful bonus of big windows and glass walls. In ground floor offices that face onto a busy street or walkway, however, windows and glass doors can leave employees feeling exposed or distracted. This lack of privacy is potentially the most common problem associated with glass windows and walls. Because frosted window vinyl is opaque, it is an effective and safe way of giving glass a greater level of privacy without completely blocking out natural light. Furthermore, because you can design your frosted vinyl decals to include as much or as little frosting as you like, you can control the level of privacy achieved.

There are few things that kill productivity more than having to squint at a computer screen through a blaze of painful glare. While the application of frosted window vinyl doesn’t block out all natural light, it does alleviate irritating glare. In this way, frosted window vinyl decals are not only fashionable and attractive, but also functional and practical.

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