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Glass has become a staple feature in home and office environments alike. With the application of frosted window vinyl decals, glass can be turned into a stunning decorative feature. While there are endless options and designs available to choose from, you can also opt to have a bespoke design created to match your interior.

If you have a flair for interior design, choosing window frosting designs to suit your décor scheme will come easily to you. However, if you aren’t sure what kind of window frosting designs you’d like, help is at hand. We’ve put together some simple guidelines to help you choose the best decal design for you.

Ensure that the window frosting designs you choose deliver on your original needs.

Start right at the very beginning and ask yourself what the main function of your window covering should be. Are you looking for more privacy? Do you need protection from the sun’s glare? Do you need to preserve as much natural light as possible? These requirements will dictate the particular features of your window frosting designs.

The design you choose will largely depend on the level of privacy you are after.

Carefully consider what each particular room is used for, as this will influence the type of design you need. For example, bathrooms typically require a high level of privacy. To get the most privacy out of your vinyl decals, choose window frosting designs that require large portions of your windows to be frosted and only small amounts left transparent. In contrast, purely decorative window frosting designs on windows or glass doors where no privacy is required can incorporate less frosting and more ‘negative space’.

Choose a window frosting design that will compliment your current décor and highlight existing features.

To choose a complimentary design, have a good look around at the current décor you have in the space. Window frosting designs are a great opportunity to highlight specific features of your existing décor scheme, so ask yourself which particular features you’d like to emphasise. For example, including geometric shapes in your window frosting designs can draw attention to the geometric print of a couch or rug in the room. Alternatively, if you have a beautiful iron wrought gate outside, mimic the design in an intricate vinyl decal.

Window frosting decals are removable, so allow for a little freedom of expression.

Although top quality window vinyl is designed to last a lifetime, it can be professionally removed should you decide to change your décor scheme. This means that you won’t be tied to the design you choose now forever – so don’t be afraid to try something bold or creative.

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