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When Consumer Report asked homemakers what they’re looking for in a kitchen this year, low maintenance was their answer. But nothing that will replace timeless beauty, which is why everyone is going nuts for quartz countertops. They’re a sleek alternative that doesn’t require the same upkeep as marble or granite.

Whether you’re in the market for a complete kitchen design re-do or if there are a few changes you want to make, take a look at the latest kitchen design trends first, to ensure your kitchen comes out looking its best.

Your kitchen design colour scheme

If you’re planning on slapping some paint on your kitchen, white is you’re best bet. Couple it with rich hues and the white won’t be overpowering. White may be dominating this year, but grey is trying to overthrow white for the top spot. So, if you’re not a fan of white, paint your kitchen cabinets grey.

Like kitchen cabinets, sinks are getting their turn in the limelight and are trending away from being your standard stainless steel variety. Using a colourful sink display such a lime green is the best way to ensure that your sink (which is usually overlooked in the kitchen) is the focal point.

It looks as though kitchen countertops are on a bit of a diet

Kitchen countertops are slimming down this year and no longer consist of the usual thick base. Making kitchens look sleek, airy and weightless, while at the same time providing good resistance to moisture and heat.

In an attempt to slim down even more, clever storage has remained a top priority in kitchen design. That’s why sliding doors that house kitchen utensils and even pots and pans are taking priority among kitchen cabinets. This may not be a new trend, but manufacturers and designers are trying to improve the design and functionality of these storage-savvy cabinets, such as hardware manufacturer Blum who’ve created hydraulic cabinets that fold up and out when something is needed.

To get rid of bulky wooden cabinets, glass is the new alternative. Glass will bring in more light into your kitchen and will reflect at all the right places to make it pleasing to the eye. According to Lushome, “Tempered frosted glass surfaces enrich modern kitchen backsplash designs adding spaciousness and airy feel to kitchen interiors.”

You have to get your kitchen connected to the rest of the house

According to interior designer Marcia Margolius, a big theme this year is opting for comfort over style. So, say bon voyage to thin, uncomfortable bar chairs in the kitchen and say hello to comfortable sofas (space permitting of course). Use gentle fabrics such as cotton or wool. This trend could have come about because of a shift from kitchens being an individual unit, to converging with the rest of the house such as the living room.

Decorating with metal accents

According to Forbes, one of the last years most popular kitchen design trends were to decorate using metallic accents of faucets, pendant lights and hinted on kitchen cabinets. This year, it’ll pay a more dominant role in the kitchen as it trumps over wood. “Wood mantle hoods are being replaced with metal hoods or ones that are a combination of wood and metal,” says interior designer Gail Drury.

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