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Top dog executives are beginning to have a lot of say in their office interior design. Not only are they invested in how their personal office space looks and feels, but they are also concerned with the workspace of their employees.

The smartest executives are looking to create office interior design spaces that improve collaboration between employees and departments and inspire those who spend most of their time in the office.

By creating a workspace that makes use of the best office interior design elements they are also able to attract the best employees.

Office interior design elements that achieve these standards take into account the culture of the company and consult the objectives of the business. For instance, a law firm and an advertising agency will make use of very different interior design elements to create a healthy environment that enhances performance.

Contemporary office interior design takes into consideration the affiliation between design elements such as colour, space, materials, energy and light.

How these design elements and properties interact and how they are combined has everything to do with whether the design has a positive outcome or not. What’s more, having an experienced team working on creating a positive workspace is vital.

An experienced office interior design team will be well researched on the subject matter and will keep abreast of trends in the workplace. A highly skilled, professional design team will understand organisational design, performance metrics, change management principles and technological advances. Armed with this type of research and information, they can ensure that they are on top of all things related to office interior design.

If you are considering tackling your office’s interior design and looking to employ a professional team to handle the revamping of the workspace, be sure to discuss the following points with them:

  • Creating a workspace that is attractive to new employees is a must, as you want to be able to recruit the very best and retain them.
  • It has been reported that employees who are engaged and emotionally invested in their company will boost the business’ bottom line by 20%. This is because they are willing to focus on productivity and creating value in the company. The workspace can play a huge role in engaging employees by providing them with communication tools, effective collaborative spaces and areas where broadcast messages of success or achievements can be seen. Another good way to engage employees could be to include them in the office interior design project.
  • Lighting is extremely important in a work environment. The inclusion of natural light in the office space is extremely important as it naturally boosts feelings of wellbeing and productivity in the staff. Bringing elements such as natural light into the office can be done by using glass as the predominant building material. Walls, partitioning and meetings rooms can be created from glass, which allows for a stream of natural light to penetrate the space and enhances the collaborative environment.Using a window treatment such as frosted vinyl is ideal for attending to privacy needs without shutting out the natural light.
  • No matter the type or style of office interior design you choose, there are irritants that must be guarded against. For example, while collaboration is all the rage, an element of privacy must be available, whether it be mobile office partitions that can be used to create a private space or separate room entirely. Similarly, annoying glare from the sun (or additional lighting) can prevent the most productive employee from completing their tasks. Furthermore, air quality and temperature must be considered too. An environment that is not correctly insulated or that has poor air quality will slow down your workforce.

To find out more about office interior design and the different options available for modern companies, please have a browse through our Office Design and Corporate Branding Guide. We know a thing or two about creating an office environment that will enthuse your staff.

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