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Your office environment plays a big role in how your company, its culture and professionalism are perceived. To create an ideal office environment you should ensure that the work space is a healthy one and that it underpins your brand.

Most people are impressed by an office environment that looks fresh, neat and is a space unmistakably used by professionals. Influencing your staff in a positive way has a lot to do with the type of work environment you create for them – an environment that underpins their wellbeing is paramount to ensuring your employees are happy at work. What’s more, your clients will enjoy meetings with you, no matter the nature, if they are made to feel comfortable in a setting that is committed to your company brand and ethos.

Here’s how to create an office environment that will help you win clients and influence people:

Include natural light in your office space.

Ensure you include as much natural light as possible in your office space. It inspires feelings of wellbeing in your staff and customers who spend time in your office space.

Glass is a popular structural building material and this makes it easier to maximise on your natural lighting. Exposing your windows is the easiest way to make sure you allow the natural light to stream inside, so it’s time to get rid of your office blinds and curtains. Of course privacy is still imperative, but you can customise the privacy you need by making use of frosted vinyl decals. These vinyl decals allow for varying degrees of opacity or transparency, dependant on your specific privacy needs. You can choose a vinyl decal design that will suit your needs. Frosted vinyl decals allow for 93% of natural light to stream through, so while you retain your privacy needs you won’t darken the space.

Maintain a comfortable indoor temperature through insulation.

The most comfortable indoor temperature is considered to be within 22°C – 25°C. This can be achieved through the use of air conditioners, but these temperature control appliances are notorious for spreading germs through the office and drying out the air. The best way to ensure that your indoor temperature is at an optimum level is through using insulating installations. By using vinyl decals on the glass in your office space you can rest easy that your office will be protected against the stifling summer heat and the interior warmth will be maintained during the cold wintry months.

Include elements of nature in your work environment and blur the line between the outdoors and your interior.

Especially if you have beautiful surrounds and a nice view you should allow your employees and customers to enjoy it. By exposing your windows and glass doors you are able to optimise your view of the outside and allow it to influence your interior space. To further underpin this inclusion of nature, you should place some plants around the office space and allow your employees to bring in small plants for their desks if they want. Again, frosted vinyl decals can help as they can be created in a design that enhances the view of the outside. Frosted vinyl decals can also be used on your glass partitions – so your boardroom can remain private and quiet but still enjoy a view of the outside or have enough natural light that will allow for plants to thrive in the space.

To find out more about using vinyl decals in your office environment please have a browse through our Office Design and Corporate Branding Guide which is filled with ideas and suggestions on using exciting vinyl decals in the office space.

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