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Undertaking a window treatment isn\’t simply about covering your windows or fixing them up, it\’s much more involved than that. It takes an aesthetic flair to understand exactly what your windows need. They are crying out for help, you need to be there for them. Follow these window treatments to give your windows a little TLC.

Window art to the rescue.

Are your windows causing darkness in your life when they should be letting in rays of sunshine? It\’s time for a new kind of window treatment and its name is vinyl art.  

Your windows are too big, your windows are too small . . . You have beautiful french windows but there are hard to decorate around, in any case, you don\’t want to ruin the look by covering your windows with heavy curtains. You want something that fits just right. Give yourself the royal treatment, by jazzing up your windows with vinyl art.

Don\’t hop, skip and jump your way straight into pulling a muscle.

Do you have windows that are inaccessible to you and often involve hop skip and jumping over your bathtub to get to your bathroom’s curtains? Not only that, curtains collect dust and you have to open and close them everyday – sounds like a drag.  Leave heavy-duty maneuvers for the gym, shed some light on the matter by putting low maintenance vinyl art on your bathroom windows.

You can\’t actually reach out and touch your neighbours – it just feels that way.

Living in an apartment often requires you to be as quiet as a mouse and not be seen, because you\’re so close to your neighbours you can practically see them making breakfast each morning, let\’s not turn this situation into a dodgy movie. Give yourself some well deserved privacy -invest in window vinyl to make your space private without making dark and gloomy.

DIY curtains that aren\’t living up to your expectations.

You might have curtains that you put up yourself, you were proud of them in the beginning, but now they\’re blocking all the sunlight and making your room dark. If that\’s the case, don\’t torture your room; or your eyes. Natural light is your home\’s best friend. Using vinyl art as a window treatment ensures you covering up your windows, without denying your room of sunlight.

No need to run around in circles – here\’s what to do with a round window.

If you are lucky enough to have a round  window in your house, you\’re also cursed with tough window treatment choices. Using vinyl art is your only solution. You could try to use curtains, but the ends may stick out, besides, you don\’t want to hide this beautiful feature behind unnecessary drapes.

Finding window treatment solutions doesn\’t have to be a drag, by using vinyl art for your windows ensures a whole new lease on life for your windows. Grab a copy of window frosting inspirations that have all your inspirational needs in the bag.

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