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Your brand is the face of your company. You might already have branded stationery, and letterheads and the like, but have you branded your office? Not only does this go a long way in effectively conveying your brand message to customers, it also serves as a reminder to your own staff about what they are working towards. Most modern office buildings make use of glass as it’s a versatile building material that optimises natural light, making for a productivity enhancing and energy-efficient space. This presents you with another opportunity to bring your company image alive with window branding.

Window branding is an effective medium to advertise your company

If your office has a large floor-to-ceiling glass entrance, you essentially have a free billboard to advertise your business. Window branding enables you to effectively showcase your company not just those coming in for meetings, but also passers-by. Adorn the entrance with your custom-designed logo, tag line and company message in the colours you want to create a unique advert of your business.

Carry your brand across internally and promote productivity

Your employees are your biggest ambassadors, which makes it essential for them to be in constant contact with your brand. Window branding can assist in carrying your logo and core message through the entire office space. The more glass you have the less reliant you are on eye-straining artificial lighting. It’s been proven that employees are more motivated in naturally-lit work environments with a view of the outside world – creating a less confined space. Using eye-catching designs to dress the glass elements in your office also contributes to a fun and unique working environment. 

Enhance privacy in the office area with window vinyl and glass partitions

Apart from carrying your company image throughout the office, window branding also offers the added benefit of seeing to individual privacy needs. Partitions are still used in many modern offices to ensure employees have their own space. That said, many employees have mixed feelings when it comes to partitioning: not everyone is warm to the idea of being divided. Making use of glass partitions instead of traditional dividers can help you achieve a happy medium, while giving you another branding opportunity with vinyl decals. The same method can be applied to other glass areas in your office like the boardroom, where window frosting can ensure privacy while still portraying your brand.

Window brand is the best sandblasting alternative

Sandblasting is a popular window treatment, especially in the corporate environment. Many companies with glass entrances and large windows make use of sandblasting to showcase their brand. However, this treatment weakens your glass (by up to 2mm), and is a costly and time consuming exercise. Window frosting is a durable sandblasting alternative that strengthens your glass, making it shatterproof, and gives you more creative freedom with the design and the strengthening of your brand.

Window Art understands the importance of creating a lasting brand impression. Our team is always ready to assist you with any of your window branding needs, and can custom-design your logo in the colour you want to underpin your corporate image. Have a look for yourself by downloading our free guide to Office Design and Corporate Branding Design.

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