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Window decals are an easy-to-install home décor feature. They are becoming commonplace in some of the most modern and upmarket homes around. Also, they can be a permanent value-add or a temporary treat, as window decals can last for years or be easily removed when you are in need of a style update. Frosted vinyl window decals are a good choice of window treatment as they offer many benefits and result in the same look and feel as decorative sandblasting.

Here’s how to make window decals a worthwhile feature in your home:


Frosted window decals offer a customised privacy solution for the home. They can be used to shield the interior of your home from nosy neighbours, keep your toilet and bathroom private and limit visibility through internal windows. The frosting is opaque and only the shape of a person can be seen if they are standing as close as half a metre from the glass. No details or colours will show through frosted window decals.


Frosted window decals give your glass a shatterproof finish. Any smooth glass that the decals are applied to becomes shatterproof and will hold together if it breaks. This means no splinters or shards of glass flying around should there be an accident. They also wards off opportunistic criminals, as they cannot see through the glass to scope out your wares. Furthermore, vinyl window decals protect your glass from extreme weather conditions too.

Alternative to curtains and blinds

We recently wrote a blog on the alternatives to curtains, which you can read here . Frosted window decals are really an excellent alternative to curtains and blinds. They are easy to keep clean, create a unique design in your home and enhance your views through custom-designs that allow for as much transparency and privacy as possibly. Even better, frosted vinyl decals are more cost-effective than blinds or curtains. Because they ward off the sun’s harmful UV rays, they also protect your family and furniture.


Frosted window decals are an eco-friendly window treatment option, as they maximise natural light in the home. This diminishes the need for artificial lighting. Window decals insulate the home too, keeping it warm in winter and cool in summer.

To find out more about frosted window decals, please contact Window Art directly.

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