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Whether in a classroom, library, home study or children’s playroom, frosted window film can be used as a fun and creative educational tool. Keep young minds active and engaged with these smart ideas:

Use frosted window film to help kids learn numbers, shapes and letters.

Use frosted window film to decorate classroom windows with shapes, numbers and the letters of the alphabet. Surrounding children with educational material of this nature has been shown to facilitate better learning.

If possible, position the letters and numbers at a level low enough for children to reach. This way, they can trace the ABCs and numbers with their fingers; a brilliant first step to learning how to write and draw. As they become familiar with the different shapes, numbers and letters, quiz kids by asking them to find the letter ‘R’ or the number ‘4’ on the window.

For older kids, why not use frosted window film to display something like the periodic table on classroom windows? This way, students who are prone to staring out of the window during lessons might just end up graduating top of their chemistry class!

Inspire and motivate young minds with powerful words.

Another fun way to use window film in an educational setting is to emblazon inspirational, motivational or funny quotes on windows in classrooms, libraries or school passages. Choose powerful quotes and bold fonts. We like this famous quote from Nelson Mandela: “Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world”.

The concept works just as well for school gyms or athletics clubhouses, too. Remind aspiring sportsmen that Michael Jordan, one of the most famous athletes of all time, said, “Just play. Have fun. Enjoy the game.”

Alleviate eye strain from working on computer screens by eliminating irritating glare.

Applying frosted window film to windows in rooms where children are working on computer screens helps to cut out glare. This is great as squinting at a reflective computer screen is annoying, painful and makes it impossible to concentrate. Glare can even strain children’s eyes when they’re simply writing on white paper, so consider using window film to combat harsh sunlight even in rooms where computers aren’t always being used.

Create attractive glass writing boards for lessons and scribbles.

Traditionally, blackboards and whiteboards are used in the classroom. However, whiteboards become tatty and grey with use and time. Blackboards also fade over time and require the use of messy, dusty chalk.

Glass writing boards are a sleek, elegant alternative to traditional blackboards and whiteboards. Glass that has been frosted with window film on one side can double as a glass writing board on the other side. Alternatively, some window film suppliers also manufacture dedicated glass writing boards that can be mounted on classroom walls. Elegant, durable and easy to clean, glass writing boards are an excellent addition to any classroom or home study.

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