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It can sometimes feel like our world is morphing into homogeneous sameness as war, peace, global warming, the economic rise and fall of nations all dictate how we think and act. Even corporate office and cubicle spaces are getting harder to tell a part. It’s like we need some kind of Jedi knight to swoop in and save the day.

Having control over our working environments can have a powerful impact and gives us the space we need to present the best of ourselves to our clientele and employees.

Corporate Social Responsibility is mandatory

The public is starting to become more aware of social responsibility and is beginning to demand that companies get more involved in Corporate Social Investment (CSI),  in other words, companies should invest in activities separate from activities related to direct profit returns. These activities are associated with contributions or benefits to society. Research done by Cone Communications reveals Corporate Social Investment is now imperative for the survival of businesses.

According to this research, 90% of clients are willing to switch over to another company that is more involved in CSI and that offer a similar price and quality service. Complying with Corporate Social Initiatives will set you apart from your competitors as well as win the hearts of your stakeholders.

Clients aren’t the only stakeholders you need to impress, employees also need to know that the company they are working for is also contributing to society in a meaningful way. It is interesting to note that  staggering 80% considered whether a company was involved in ethical issues before committing to working there.

Many companies see the ‘cost’ when asked to consider sustainability, but becoming an Eco-friendly business can actually be advantageous for the company. Among other things, it can improve your brand awareness, especially if you publicize your campaigns well.

According to  Kasper Nielsen, executive partner at Reputation Institute, Corporate Social Responsibility, “can be leveraged to help establish trust and goodwill amongst stakeholders. People’s willingness to trust, admire, and feel good about a company is based on their perceptions of the corporate social responsibility of the company.”

How Eco-friendly window film can increase employee productivity

Corporate Social Investment in the workplace should not be overlooked. Improving the atmosphere and functionality of the workplace can drastically increase the productivity of your employees and reduce costs.

How window film can increase energy efficiency:

Reduce your electricity bill by relying more on natural lighting. This can be accomplished through the use of window film. Too many offices rely heavily on artificial lighting, or even too much sunlight. This will increase the glare on computer screens which is more likely to cause health problems for your employees such as dry eyes and eye strain.

Other benefits of using window film include :

  • Window film protects your office furniture by blocking the sun’s harmful UV rays,
  • Let’s in 93% of natural light while window treatments alternatives only let in about 75-80%,
  • If used on interior glass walls it will give you privacy without feeling isolated from the rest of the office,
  • vinyl decals also provide temperature control  so employees won’t be overusing the air-conditioner; and
  • vinyl decals keep the warmth in Winter

Corporate Social Initiatives to get excited over

If you’re unsure about what initiatives to get involved in and how to fully contribute to society, read about inspirational stories as a benchmark. Whether it’s getting involved in a charity or planting more trees, every little bit counts. Thanks to the Medical Foundation & Research Center’s innovative campaign, ‘The Life Saving Dot‘,  was able to provide rural women in India with a life saving supply of iodine by putting it in their bindis (the traditional red dot they wear on their foreheads).

Get inspired by businesses who have inspired others when developing your own Corporate Social Initiative.

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